USS Scoperta
Post 114

<< Weapon's Locker Room >>>

Kavek stands infront of a group of security personnel. He hands phaser rifles to them one at a time. Then they stand back into formation. " Now we don't really know what kind of situation we're heading into. We know theres borg and also cardasians. Your job is to beam over to the station and secure it. And make sure the federation and Delta quadrant ambassadors are ok. You will be sent over only when the Captain gives the order. " ex[lained Kavek. "Is there any questions." said Kavek. " Yes sir. Will you be with us?" asked and officer. " No. I will be on the bridge at tactical." said Kavek. " Sir." said a crewman. " Yes crewman Davis." said Kavek. " Who will be leading the troop?" asked the crewman. " Lieutenant Johnson will be leading you. I expect you all to follow his every command. I have faith in you all. Report to transporter room 2 and wait there for further orders.... Dismissed." said Kavek as the troop exits the room.

<< Bridge>

Kavek enters the bridge and takes his station. " Captain the troop is ready. Their awaiting your orders." said Kavek. " When the time is right Mr. Kavek." answered the Captain. " Now is the ship ready for battle?" asked the Captain. " It appears the phasers are off alinement by 3%. Probaly from the wormholes pull. I will fix the problem" said Kavek. Kavek begins to work on the phaser arrays. *2 minutes later* "Captain you will be pleased to know that the phaser are in perfect order." said Kavek. " Very good Lieutenant." said Satarius a little annoyed. {Now to loud thoughs photon torpedoes.} Thought Kavek as he works the control panels.

OFf: Lt jg. Kavek, cs/to, Uss Scopertaa