USS Scoperta
Post 116

Tempest heaved a huge sigh and her eyes
fluttered open. There were several faces around her.
They all had on red hats and red robes. She frowned a
bit, confused at her surroundings. Malari smiled,
"Captain, you had a bit of a spill. If Signar hadn't
turned back and seen you fall off that mountain, you'd
be in pretty big trouble right now."

"Signar?" Tempest whispered hoarsely, trying to find
her voice.

"Yes, Mr. D'Ruuk enabled the safeties after you told
him they were enabled already. Good thing he did,
because if you'd have fallen any farther, you might
have done more than cracked a few bones and gotten a
concussion". Dr. Malari lectured.

"Signar?" Tempest asked again, obviously confused.

"Yes, Captain, Signar probably saved you from being
paralyzed...probably even saved your LIFE back there.
You should be ready to go back to the bridge by
tomorrow." The rest of the medics had left to tend to
other things while Tempest and Dr. Malari spoke.

"Zantor?" Tempest croaked.

"No, Captain, SIGNAR D'RUUK." He said, still patient
with her, as she was obviously still quite groggy.

"Status report?" She breathed, still trying to find
her voice.

"Captain, you really need to.." He started

"Status report, now" she said firmly. Then added

"Well, We are almost ready to exit the worm hole. You
have been unconscious since your fall, O'Brien and
O'Kay have been manning the bridge, The Cardassians
have made a pact with the Borg, and both are
attacking, or making moves to attack DS-10, and with
the instability of the signals within this worm hole,
we have no idea what awaits us at the end, but I'm
sure that the XO will be able to handle it. You
cracked two vertabrae and suffered a concussion, but
as I said previously, you will be alright. You were
apparently having some pretty vivid dreams while you
were out, though. You were tossing and turning, at
one point you struggled so that you required
restraints. You said the name "Roka" a few times. I
have read of him in your record, but no one else on
the ship knows who he is to you, and I will keep that

"Thank you" Tempest said, close to tears. "The whole
thing was a dream.." she said, a catch in her voice.

"Yes..." Dr Malari hesitated.

"He was never here?" She asked

"I'm sorry, Captain, he was never here." he said,
looking down at his report.

Tempest breathed a deep, cleansing breath again and
closed her eyes. "I would like you to remove from my
memory, any emotion regarding Roka Zantor. I know
that it is unorthodox, but I am afraid that at this
point it will interfere..."

Malari nodded. "Understood." he proceeded to attach
the electrodes to Tempests head that would remove the
intense feelings for Roka Zantor from her brain. The
electo~shocks felt strange in certain areas of her
brain, giving her a slight feeling of vertigo, but it
was worth it.

"Red Alert. Everyone to their stations, we are
approaching the exit to the worm hole" came O'Briens'
voice over the comm system.

Tempest struggled to rise, but Dr. Malari placed his
hand on her forehead. "I'm sorry, Captain, but you
are going to HAVE to rest. There is no way you will
be able to think clearly for at least the next 24
hours" he said to her on his way out.

Tempest uttered an expletive. That was stupid of her
to go climbing without the safeties on. She would
have placed someone else on restriction if they'd done
that to her. Especially if it had been a department
head. She was mentally kicking herself for being so
irresponsible. Twenty minutes and they'd be in the
middle of a war zone, with Cardassians and Borg ships
all over them. Copeland would certainly be a little
more than irritated with her. She hoped that Signar
and O'Brien could hold it for her for the next 12
hours. She was aware that Malari said 24, but Dr.s
always exaggerated.
Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta