USS Scoperta
Post 09

<<< Shuttle>>>

The cabin is quite the hum of the engines sound. " Sir we're recieving a message from Star Fleet." reported the pilot. Kavek stands, " What does it say?" asked  Kavek. " It says all Scoperta personnel report back to the Scoperta for mission briefing. Thats all sir." said the pilot. " Set a coarse back to the Scoperta maximum impulse." ordered Kavek. "And send a transmition to my family in Maryland. Tell them I will not be joining them." said Kavek. " Aye." said the pilot. " How long until arrival." asked Kavek. " 2 hours 20 minutes sir." reported the pilot. " Good." said Kavek as he sits and continues to read his PADD.

Off: Lt. jg. Kavek, ct/so, Uss Scoperta