USS Scoperta
Post 10

<<< Ready Room, Scoperta>>>

N'Vek walks in.

Malari is packing a few things in a container.

Malari: Oh hello Lieutenant.

N'Vek: You wanted to see me sir?

Malari: Yes. I'm going away for a little bit to visit some family and friends. Until I the Captain has recovered you are in command of the Scoperta.

N'Vek: Thank you sir.

Malari:*picks up a PADD and hands it to N'Vek* This PADD will explain our new mission. I want you to call a staff meeting today and explain this mission to the rest of the senior staff.

N'Vek: Yes sir. And have a good vacation.

Malari: I will.*leaves the room*

N'Vek sits down at the desk and begins to read the PADD.

<20 minutes later>

N'Vek:=/\= All senior staff to the breifing room=/\=

<< Breifing Room>

N'Vek sits at the head of the table as O'Kay, Kavek, Lt. Win sit down.

N'Vek: I called you, Mr. Win, because you will be taking command of Engineering until I'm releaved of this position.

Win: Thank you sir.

N'Vek: We have gotten new orders from StarFleet. Our mission is to travel to the Delta Quadrant and track down a group of Cardassian rebels. They have formed an allience with a few of Delta Quadrant species that also dislike the Federation. Intelligence reports reveal that some of the Cardassian's allies are the Horogeans(sorry spelling) which are a very deadly species who hunted down the USS Voyager. Kavek I want you to study all tactical records of the Horogeans from the Voyager database. Try and make a attack plan which will destroy them.

Kavek: Aye sir.

N'Vek: There are also some unknown species of this allience that we have never met before. Mr. Win I want you to try and intergrate the interspaical field with the standard Star Fleet shields to strenghten their effectivness. We could be out number in the up coming battle so I want to be prepared. Mr. O'Kay I want you to lenghten the range of the sensors so we can detect an enemy ship from farther then before.

O'Kay: Yes sir.

N'Vek: If we do get into a situation we cannot handle we too have allies in the Delta Quadrant.

Kavek: And who would that be N'Vek?

N'Vek: The deligates that were on DS10 have agreed to lend any assistence they can. Mr. O'Kay I want you to send out a long range subspace message to our allies in the Delta Quadrant by using the mitus array. Tell them that we will be entering the quadrant in a few days.

O'Kay: Will do sir.

Kavek: And I will issue every srewmember on the ship with a type II phaser. I will have my security forces ready for combat.

N'Vek: Good. Tell your people to prepare for another battle. That is all. Dismissed.

The officers stand and leave the room leaving N'Vek there sitting in the chair thinking.


Lieutenant N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer (temporary Commanding Officer)

USS Scoperta