USS Scoperta
Post 11

Gamus nodded and closed the transmission. 

"Were any of you aware of this tracking device?" She

Several "no, Ma'am"s came from around the bridge.

She looked over at N'Vek who seemed to read her mind.
He tapped a few codes into his console.  "Secure"

"Great, Thanks.  Now, it's not that I don't appreciate
the help, I do, but I wonder what else they have put
on the ship without my knowledge." She mused. "Mr.
Kirtley, Welcome aboard, by the way" 

He nodded and smiled.  "Thanks, Ma'am."

"Now, your first assignment aboard my ship.  Please do
sweeps of the bridge and my ready room...main
engineering...and main security.  I want to know if
there are transmitting devices other than those that
are in the ships spec list as being authorized to be
here.  Jareth, please see what you can find as well.
Kavek, please look into the type of device that is
attached to my hull."

Everyone acknowledged and started their tasks while
the Scoperta advanced, heading for repairs. 

"Captain, shouldn't we put a time limit on this to
have the tasks completed before arriving at the
planet?" N'Vek queried.

"Of course.  I don't know if we want repairs done
there if they are just going to fit us with more
tracking devices..." She responded.

"We may not have much choice, but at least we can be
prepared." He countered.

She raised her eyebrows, "Agreed.  Inform the crew of
the time limit.  Also, make sure they know not to
discuss what they are doing or looking for until we
are sure that we are safe."

"Shall I have them set locks on the computer data
bases as well when we dock?"  He asked

"Absolutely fabulous idea" she smiled. 

Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta