USS Scoperta
Post 12

<<< Bridge, Engineering Station>>>

N'Vek sits at his station scaning the entire vessel from top to bottum. Just then a small nanite device appeared on his scanners.

N'Vek: Captain.

The Captain walked over.

Satarius: Yes N'Vek have you found anything?

N'Vek: Yes ma'am I believe I've found the tracking device, but it is not just a tracking device. It is downloading some information from our database.

Satarius: But shouldn't the computer locks protect the database from anything?

N'Vek: Normally, but remember this is an advanced race. Our locks might not defend our systems from their technology.

Satarius: Hmm... What is it downloading?

N'Vek: I'm trying to find out not ma'am..... It is downloading all data on our quantum torpedoes.

Satarius: Cut the download. Now! Red Alert.

The red alert lights blink on and the crew scatter to their posts.

Kavek: Captain what is the problem.

Satarius: The Da'Larian's tarcking device is downloading data about our quantum torpedoes.

N'Vek: The device is on our main quantum torpedoe launcher. I'm attempting to shut it off.

Satarius: Good.

N'Vek: I've deactivated it by overloading its data pathways. But its data has already been sent.

Satarius: =/\= Ensign Kirtley go to the main quantum torpedo bay and rermoved the device.=/\= Hail Administrator Gamus.

O'Kay: On screen.

Satarius: Hello Administrator why is your tracking device downloading information on our weapon systems.

Gamus: I have no idea ma'am. It was only built as a tracking becon nothing more. If you examine it you will see.

Satarius: N'Vek your analysis.

N'Vek: Well I can not be sure as of now but it appears to have signs of tamporing. The effected componites almost have a cardassian look.


My thought is that the cardys tampered with it during the battle to get clasified info on the federation's newest torpedoes.

Lt. Commander N'Vek

CEO/SO/Temporary XO

USS Scoperta