USS Scoperta
Post 56

Tempest ran into Avery's ready room without even knocking. "What do you MEAN?!?!?!" Tempest demanded. Avery calmly looked up and smiled softly. "Tempest, I've known you a very long time. I've known you from the time we were just kids starting out and I will always love the fact that I was your mentor, and then you were mine. Therefore I expect that you will understand why I am doing this." Tempest just stared at her with her eyes wide and head cocked slightly to the side waiting for her to continue. "Im tired. I am taking a sabbatical. It might not be forever, but then it might. Its time to start a family and move on. Im going to be a professor; I already have a position lined up on Velar III with a university there." "And I guess the fact that the every so charming Mr. Means is also there has nothing to do with it?" Avery blushed and tried to cover it by looking indignant. Then she closed her mouth, glanced up and winked at Tempest. Tempest rolled her eyes. "I guess I cant say I dont believe it. You two were all over each other on thewhat ship was that?" "A lifetime ago." Avery said softly. "Yes, a lifetime." Tempest cradled Averys chin in her hand and kissed her on the cheek. "I wish you all the luck in the universe, Captain" "Thank you, Captain" Avery grinned. Tempest closed her eyes and leaned her head back. "Oooohhh goodie" she sighed. While the Fleet Admiral addressed the crew to notify them of the change in command, Tempest took the pip that Avery offered her, snapped it on her collar, straightened her back, took a deep breath and entered the bridge.


Tempest looked at Dr. Malari in disbelief. "A civilization so advanced that they have ships that travel the universe, have weapons that rivals Borg weaponry, and they worship a race that is technologically inferior. They want to USE you as a messenger, they want to take you as a hostage, yet they worship you. With a civilization this illogical, we will definately find a weakness, even if we have to perform a to enforce your 'power' as someone worthy of such worship. Lets see if we can ask some questions and see exactly what they want from you, Dr. Malari. What their intentions are..that kind of thing." "Agreed" The two of them walk back out onto the bridge. Tempest taps her CommBadge. "Satarius to N'Vek" "N'Vek here" "How are you and Mr. O'Brien doing on the repairs?" "Just getting started, Ma'am. Would you like hourly reports?" "Not a bad idea, but don't stop your work to give me reports. You don't need a baby sitter. Just please let me know when we have made significant progress" "Aye."

Commander Tempest Satarius

Commanding Officer

USS Scoperta