USS Scoperta
Post 57

<<< Engineering>>>

N'Vek and O'brien are working on some engineering equipement.

O'Brien: N'Vek pass me that hypro scanner.

N'vek picks up the scanner and passes it to O'brien. O'brien goes back under a conduit. N'vek goes back to working on a console.

N'Vek: I'm reactivating the shield emittors.*taps console*

A low hum is heard then it stops and a small explosion occurs at a near by conduit.

O'brien: What happened?

N'Vek: The emittors overloaded. I have to recalibrate the the energy power transfer conduit.

Satarius: =/\= N'Vek, O'brien how are those systems coming?=/\=

N'Vek: =/\= We're almost finished ma'am.=/\=

Satarius: =/\= Hurry it up you two. We've detected the alien ship. They'll be here in about 4 hours. =/\=

O'Brien: =/\= We'll finish soon ma'am. N'Vek out.=/\=

O'brien: N'vek do you have the power conduits online
N'vek: Yes, sir
O'brien: Ok /\O'brien to bridge/\
Satarius: /\Yes O'brien come in/\
O'brien: /\emergency repairs decks 2-36 finished, repairs 37-42 postponed.
There is no immediatly danger./\
Satarius: Tactical ok?
Tactical offcicer: Ok m'am!
Satarius: Allright. /\O'brien report to the bridge. N'vek are you there?/\
N'vek: /\Yes m'am/\
Satarius:/\Allright, go to engeneering and make sure everything works, than
report to me at the bridge and take your console here/\.