USS Scoperta
Post 58

<< Bridge>>
"Ma'am I'm detecting the warp trail of the aliens who attacked us." reported the OPS officer. " Shields up red alert! =/\=Bridge to transporter room 3.=/\=" commanded the new captain. " Transporter room 3 here ma'am." responded the transporter chief. " Chief keep a transporter lock on Dr. Malari at all times." ordered Satarius. " Aye." acknowledged the officer. " Battle stations." said the captain.

<<< Sciencelab>>

Kavek stands scanning a fragment of the hull under a micro scope. " Hmmm.... Anti-protons." he stops and thinks. *BOOM* enemy fire hits the shields hard. "=/\= Ensign Kavek to Lt. N'Vek."

" N'Vek here what is it Kavek?" responded N'Vek from the engine room. " =/\= I have astablished that the weapon that was used against us was an anti-proton beam. Would a positive proton pulse nulify the weapon's effect?" asked Kavek. " I think so. Go to the deflector control room and recalibrate it to emit an positive proton pulse. I'll inform Captain Satarius." ordered N'Vek. *BOOM!* Another shot rocked the ship, the lights flickered as Kavek runs out of the room.

<< Bridge>>

N'Vek runs from the lift. " Captain, Ensign Kavek has an idea. Get ready to fire the deflector dish at the alien's weapon's array." said N'Vek. " Take your station and do it." said Satarius. Then Dr. Malari starts to phase away slowly. " Captain!" yelled the disapering doctor. " Transsporter room! Bring him back." ordered Satarius. " They're scattering my pattern lock. I'm going to use the main deflector to boost my scaners." said the officer. " Ma'am the positive proton pulse is ready." reported Kavek from the deflector room. " Hold on we're using the dflector to get our doctor back. N'Vek when Malari is back activate your trick." ordered the captain. "aye" said N'Vek. *BOOM* the lights dim lower and sparks fly from the conduits. " Transporter chief do you have him?" asked the captain in a worried voice. " Yes ma'am he's fine." responded the officer. Then N'Vek taped his console, " Activating pulse." The pulse fired...... *a few minutes later* "Report." said Captain Satarius. " They're retreating. They're weapon systems are off-line. The main deflector is burned out." reported N'Vek. " There have been no deaths, 3 injured. The hull is bretch on deck eleven, force fields are holding." reported another officer. " Begin repairs." said the captain as she sits in her command chair.


Lt. Jg. N'Vek


USS Scoperta


Ensign Kavek, ASO, Uss Scoperta