USS Scoperta
Post 60

<<< Engineering, USS Scoperta>>>

N'Vek and his engineering staff continue to repair the damaged engines.

N'Vek: *types on a console* Someone make sure those anti-matter pods are secure. And Ensign Johnson keep an eye on the port naccel it's been acting up lately.

Johnson:(NPC) Aye sir.

Satarius: =/\= Lieutenant N'Vek are we ready to go to warp?=/\=

N'Vek: =/\=Yes ma'am.=/\=

Satarius:=/\= Then if you're not to busy could you come to the bridge and take your station. =/\=

N'Vek:=/\= I'm on my way.=/\= Lieutenant Donaldson you're incharge.

N'Vek walks from engineering.


N'Vek walks in and sits down at his Engineering consol.

Satarius: Alright. Helm set a course for the wormhole, warp 6.... Engage.


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek

Cheif Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta