USS Scoperta
Post 61

(( Independent Personnel Transport Ship "PSYCHOSIS" )) RPG:

"WOOOO HOOOO! YEAH! NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL FUN!", the pilot exclaimed loudly. <<Ten minutes before>> Signar sat quietly in his seat at the rear of the transport. Starfleets various means of moving personnel from one assignment to another was often questionable, if not outright lunacy. This trip seemed to be along those lines. The personnel area sat about one-hundred-fifty, but only a tenth that were onboard. Some, Signar could tell were green recruits, they sat wide-eyed looking out windows, or trying to memorize their next commanding officers bio. Some were trying to commit to memory ship schematics, praying they would not get lost on their new ship. Some on the transport were well-worn officers. Those were asleep, knowing to catch the rest when you could. Signar didnt quite fit into either category. Instead, he retreated into the back of the craft, and unscrewed the top of his flask. The contents were quite potent, given to him by fellow trainee Lyrea. The memory of her still burned in his mind, as the alcohol burned down his gullet. Now comfortable, Signar closed his eyes, and considered sleep. BAM! BAM! BAM! Loud, dangerous sounding noises were coming from the front part of the shuttle. The younger, "green" recruits were gripped with fear. The older ones didnt even stir from their slumber. Signar dashed to the front of the craft and entered the cockpit. Signar: "What going on?" Signar locked the door behind him. He didnt need the area filling up with too many people. Pilot: "We are hitting a rough patch of warp space. This area has strange magnetic forces at play. I try to pass through it whenever I can, it can be quite exciting!" Signar looked skeptically at the pilot. He had long frizzy hair extending a full half meter off his head in every direction. His large pilot goggles made his eyes bug out of his sockets in an comical way. His clothing was a explosion of color, and he was pencil thin. Signar: < This guy is psycho!> Pilot: "The name is psycho! And since you are here why dont you scan for me. Im half blind you know." Signar had faced down Borg drones and rouge forces in the galaxy, but today he would truly feel fear. The shuttle began to pitch and sway wildly. Signar sat in the co-pilots seat and strapped in. The shuttle rocked even more violently, and bounced in horrific hurls. Psycho: "Ah, Space turbulence! I wondered when that would come!" (said with wild glee) The ride soon became a dare-devils greatest thrill as the pilot maneuvered in and around magnetic forces, that Signar picked up. A drunk man telling a blind man how to drive a tank through a mind field was just as dangerous. The shaking of the craft was wearing on the hull, and the pilot, spiraled the ship thrice and yanked the ship out of warp. The star coalesced back into real-time as inertia played havoc with Signars internal organs. "WOOOO HOOOO! YEAH! NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL FUN!", the pilot exclaimed loudly. Signar, not believing he was still alive, looked out the front window. He saw the SCOPERTA for the first time. Psycho: "This is independent ship "Psychosis", with a passenger manifest of one." Turning to Signar the pilot explained, "See if you can go find a "Cigar back there, he is supposed to beam over now." SCOPERTA: "Acknowledged, please beam him aboard as usual. Good to hear from you again Psycho!" Psycho: "You too." Signar left the cockpit. The scene was similar to how Signar left it. The newbies were now sitting in wet seats, and the older officers were still asleep. Signar grabbed his large bag and headed to the transporter room. The transporter operator looked bored, "Are you a Signal?" Signar: "No, I am Signar, a half Klingon, half Vulcan, to be transported to the SCOPERTA." Operator: "What does the SCOPERTA need with you?" Signar: "Im good for getting what needs done, done." Operator: "Okay, well have fun Singer." Signar: "Thats SIGNAR!." The words were drown out as he was beamed over to his new assignment. Materializing onboard the SCOPERTA Signar looked around to get his bearings.


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