USS Scoperta
Post 62

(( USS SCOPERTA - Transporter Room )) IN: "Welcome aboard the USS SCOPERTA!", a very cheerful crewman said. "Im Jack Stone, here to show you around." "Yea, speaking of that, what kind of name is SCOPERTA anyway?", Signar asked following the young human. "Oh, I think that means Discovery in Italian, or something close to that.", Jack explained. "So how come when I say SCOPERTA, the universal translator doesnt translate it into Discovery", Signar asked. "Uh, Ill have to get back with you on that, Im only a grunt, not a programmer.", he said. "Ah, relax boy!", Signar said with some force, "Im just trying to joke around with you." "Oh, very good, very good, you did get me.", Stone said. "Now, let me show you the different" "I just want to see the secondary craft, and then my quarters.", Signar ordered. "Okay, well do it in that order.", Jack agreed. The tour was quick, and Signar was satisfied with knowing where the shuttles and fighters were. He entered his quarters and looked around. An unusual man jumped down from one of the suspended bunks. "Im Xeo." "Signar DRuuk. Call me Signar.", he explained and introduced himself. "Im an Engineer, well Im gonna be one day." Xeo said proudly. "Im a navigator, I guess this is my bunk?", Signar pointed to the untouched one. "Yep!" Xeo said, "and there is your locker, dresser, and shelf. If you need more room, get promoted." "Ha! Ha! I just might do that." Signar said. "Not if I beat you to it.", Xeo countered. Signar tossed his bag into his locker. "Okay, Im unpacked. Wanna get a drink?" "Thought youd never ask.", Xeo said. OUT : Tag anyone? Care for a drink?

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