USS Scoperta
Post 64

IN: Clues. Information. Using these two items, one can come to understanding. It may be difficult, but the challenge never deterred Signar. "What do I know?", he thought. With his eyes closed, he was limited on visual information. It didnt matter, his mind was receiving data from other stimulus. "Im naked.", he realized. That little tidbit of insight meant one of only a few possibilities. The warmth of body heat next to him narrowed it down even further. Listening to a faint breathing, a thread of memory fell into place and he recalled some of last nights activities. His silent conversation, or investigation continued. "What is her name? Sherri? Terry? Mary?" The relentless pounding in his head, a throbbing equal to ten pneumatically-driven-jack-hammers, was resounding in his skull. Such unpleasantness usually only resulted from Gorn wine. The fetid tang coating the inside of his mouth confirmed his supposition. "Expensive.", Signar knew. He would never buy such a luxury, so the woman next to him must have some coin. "What IS her name? Kerri? Shelly? Nelly?" The question fired off again in his mind. It was a waste to dwell continually on a question he couldnt answer. "These are not my sheets.", he inwardly decided. They felt expensive, but not silky smooth as he preferred. He was clearly not in his own quarters. The wafting scent of the room was muted, other than detecting coffee aroma calling him. "It must be morning. She has programmed her replicator to make coffee each morning. Not a bad way to wake up. Ill have to remember that trick." Signars left hand was laying off the bed. That was the direction he needed to go. Still with eyes shut tight, he slowly made his way. Inside the water closet it was a simple matter of setting the shower to Water and getting in. The initial blast was arctic cold, but with his perfect control, he simply adjusted the temperature to a more soothing level, instead of screaming at the top of his lungs. Steam began to fill the room. * * * Having a crisp uniform replicated, Signar donned it with practiced ease. The woman, still in her bed did not stir, and he decided to let her rest. Leaving her quarters, he entered a bustling corridor. Unfamiliar faces looked at him and they knew he was definitely NOT the natural occupant. "Shift change in a few minutes. People are in a hurry.", Signar realized. That was fine, he didnt want to be late. He knew the gossip about the new guy would flare and then die out in less than a shift. He didnt care. It would do him no good to care. Today was his first day on the bridge! That is what he cared about. Bridge duty! That was why he transferred to the SCOPERTA. And that is exactly where he ordered the turbolift to go. Just saying the words, "Bridge" gave him a private charge of joy. Long before the doors parted open, he had regained his controlled composure. Stepping onto the bridge, he refused to look around, or act as if he in any way didnt belong here.

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