USS Scoperta
Lieutenant J. G. Charles Kirtley

Name-charles kirtley 
Position-Security Officer
Rank- Lt. J.G.
Homeworld: Earth

=/\= Brief History =/\=
First I served on the USS Endeavour, but after our ship was bored by
the Borg we had to engage the auto destruct program. I escape on an escape pod.
Then I went to England, Earth and lived a normal life for a year. Then I got recommissioned and join the USS Scoperta.
=/\=Medical Record =/\=
While serving on the USS Endeavour got stabbed and got a punctured
lung, but starfleet doctorsn have repaired it. Not allergic to anything
=/\= Characetr's Parents =/\=
Both mother and father served on a starfleet vessel. My father's ship
was borded by cardassions warship I escaped on an escape pod but my father got killed while running with me. My mother died when her ship was destroyed in the battle of Wolf 359.