USS Scoperta
Post 65

<<< Engineering>>>

N'Vek goes over the MSD and inspects the ship's systems. An ensign walks up to him with a PADD.

Ensign Davis:(NPC) Heres the hull integrity report sir.*hands to N'Vek*

N'Vek: Thank you ensign*reviews PADD*

Ensign Davis: Sir why are we going through every system?

N'Vek: I want to make sure everything is working propertly before we enter the wormhole. In addition I've just became the Chief Engineering Officer and I want to explore my ship see how she works.

Ensign Davis: I understand sir.*walks away*

O'Brien:=/\= Lieutenant N'vek are you there?=/\=

N'Vek:Yes commander.

O'Brien:=/\= Could you report to the sciencelab?=/\=

N'Vek: Yes sir.*looks to Ensign Davis* Ensign Davis could you continue the environmental system scans.

Ensign Davis: Yes sir.

N'Vek strools out of the room.


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta