USS Scoperta
Post 66

Aaah. This was the life. Nothing wrong with the crew, we hadn't heard from
those aliens and the romulans had gone. I had lots of spare time.

<Computer>Incoming transmission
<Malari>On screen.

Tempest's face lit up in the screen in front of me.
<Tempest>Well, well we are the busy bee aren't we!
<Malari>Well, the crew are in fine health and it looks like all our problems
are over. All we have got to do are repairs and with all due respect I
don't think I am the one to do them!
<Tempest>Perhaps you would like something to do?
<Malari>Yes Please.
<Tempest>I have a new crew member, ensign Signar D'Ruuk. He is the new
Navigator and Pilot. Perhaps you would do a few tests on him so that I can
have a medical report in three hours. I want to get this man hooked up and
ready to fly this ship back home, or at least take us away from here.
<Malari>Will do.
<Tempest>Oh, and could you give me a full medical report on the ships
<Malari>Sure will, Malari out.

The screen went blank. I sighed. Three hours? To do a full medical
examination and a full medical report on 2000 people???? Oh well I had to
start somewhere.

<Malari>Computer locate the whereabouts of Ensign Signar D'Ruuk.
<Computer>Ensign Signar D'Ruuk is in the messhall.

I stood up and left sickbay. I sadly noted the lack of Nurses or doctors.
When was I going to get a crew to staff my sickbay?

I arrived in the mess hall two minutes later. I saw the Ensign straight
away. He was surounded by what must have been the full female crew of
engineering. I knew I was not going to be able to drag him away from them.
An idea flashed across my mind.
<Malari>Computer emergency medical transport of Ensign Signar D'Ruuk to
sickbay, authorization Gamma Delta 3 Epsilon.
<Computer>Authorization comfirmed.

I watched with a malicous glee as the Ensign de-materialized to sickbay.
<Malari>Computer seal doors to sickbay.

I headed off to sickbay.......

Lt. Paul Malari
USS Scoperta