USS Scoperta
Post 67


 <Malari>I am Dr. Paul Malari

 <D'Ruuk>What am I doing here?

<Malari>Well the captain wanted me to do a medical before you were assigned to your duties. <D'Ruuk>What's with all the transporter business?

<Malari>Do you really think I could have dragged you away from those girls??

<D'Ruuk>Good point! Well, how about you get started?

 <Malari>O.k, just lie down on that bio-bed over there. I will begin with your head and work downwards.

I pulled out a tricorder and started scanning.

<Malari>Have you had any problems recently?


<Malari>Nothing you want to tell me to do with your health?


<Malari>Any problems on your old ship?


 I carried on with my tricorder all the way down his body. Nothing wrong. I started to scan his eyes. Nothing wrong with them.

<Malari>You can get up now and come into my office.

He followed me onto my office. I sat down and he sat down next to me. I opened his medical log on my computer.

<Malari>You have had very fine health in your whole career. Well done. I will just take a blood and skin sample and then we are all finished.


I took the blood and a small bit of skin and sat down again.

<Malari>I can now give you a clean bill of health. You may start work right away. <D'Ruuk>Thank you and see you around doc!

<Malari>My name is Paul not doc.


<Malari>Never mind. I suppose you will be going back to the Mess hall?

<D'Ruuk>Sure will be!

<Malari>Then I hope you won't mind if I join you.

We walked out of sickbay talking and laughing. I knew I was going to get along with this guy!

"=/\=Yellow alert. We are entering a wormhole. All senior staff to the bridge=/\="

I apologized to Signar and raced off to the bridge.

Dr. P. Malari, CMO, USS Scoperta