USS Scoperta
Post 69


O'Brien stands in the science lab packing his things and getting ready
his new position of XO. N'Vek walks in.

N'Vek: You wanted to see me sir?

O'Brien: Ya, N'Vek. Do you remember a while back right after we left
the wormhole there were strong gravitation stresses on the hull.
N'vek: Yes I remember.

O'Brien: Well you suggested for us to use a interspacal compensation
deflector field to conteract the graitation stresses. I was wondering if we could set one up.

N'Vek: Ofcourse sir. So who will be taking your place as Cheif Science Officer?

O'brien: I do not know, the captain didn't inform about that. My first officer will take over. When we are at Ds10 the ship will be assigned another one by the command staff. We will set up the net as soon as possible but first i need to get my things out of here to a larger quarter.

N'vek: Computer, how long before we reach the wormhole

Computer: 13 hours 12 minutes

N'vek: Ok when shall we start

O'brien: Over about 2 hours from now ok?

N'vek: Ok will see you then.

<<2 hours later>><<Deflector Control Room>>

O'Brien walks in with a kit while continues to work.

N'Vek: Hello sir.

O'Brien: How long have ya been here N'Vek?

N'Vek: Oh, only about 15 minutes. I'm reconfigurating the pulse emittors.

O'Brien: I'll get started on the gravity plating.

<<2 hours later>>

O'Brien wipes the sweet off his forehead.

O'Brien: Hey N'Vek lets take a break.

N'Vek: Ok. Should we go to 10 forward.

O'Brien: How about the holodeck?

N'Vek: Alright.

They get up and walk out of the room.

<<Ten forward>><<ten minutes later>>

N'vek: What would you like to drink?

O'brien: Just give me a ginger ale.

N'vek: Ok.

**Yellow alert all senior officers to the bridge where entering

O'brien: so soon??

N'vek: I think we better skip the drinking and report to the deflector control room.

O'brien and N'vek walk in a turbolift

O'brien: Deflector control!

<<<Deflector Control>>>

They run in. N'Vek picks up a small scaner while O'brien taps the controls. N'Vek shines the scaner on a group of contuits.

N'Vek: The new anti-grav units are online.

O'Brien: I'm activating the shield emittors and tieing them into the deflector.

Satarius:=/\= O'Brien, N'Vek where are you?=/\=

N'Vek: We are in Deflector control ma'am. We have devised a new type of shield that will protect us from the strong gravitational stresses of the wormhole.

Satarius:=/\= Very good. Activate it on my order.=/\=

O'Brien: We're ready when you are.

<<< Bridge>>>

Satarius stands from her chair.

Satarius: Helm enter the wormhole, 1/4 impulse. =/\= Mr. O'Brien now.=/\=

O'Brien: =/\= Interspacial field online. =/\=

Kavek: The new shielding is holding at 93%.

Satarius: Nice job you two. *sits in her chair* Now how about taking your stations up here.

N'Vek & O'Brien: =/\= Yes ma'am.=/\=


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'vek



Lieutenant O'Brien


USS Scoperta