USS Scoperta
Post 70

<< Bridge>>

Kavek stands at his station monitoring the tactical sensors and maintaining the new shielding system. N'Vek and o'brien walk in. O'Brien sits next to the captain and N'Vek at the engineering station. Then the ship rocks softly."Ma'am the gravitational forces are disrupting navigation." said the helm.Satarius stands,"What? That didn't happen when we first entered the wormhole last time. Mr. N'Vek what is happening?""I'm at a loss Captain the shielding is working perfectly. We should be protected from any interference from the hole." replied N'Vek" Helm your just going to have to do your best. Increase to 1/2 impulse." ordered the captain. "Aye." replied the helm as he taps the controls.Then the ships shakes a little harder. Satarius stumbles," Report!"Kavek glances at his data," The stresses are become more intence, but the new shielding is still at 93%." "Mr. N'Vek try and get that shielding at 100%." ordered Satarius." Right.*taps controls quickly* I've raised the shield to 100%." said N'vek Then the ship rocks even hard and sparks streak from a conduit."Helm full impulse!" ordered Satarius as she sits.The ship is going out of control. The lights dim and sparks continue to spill out of every opening. The helm officer cuts off the engines." *out of breath* Re... Report." mumbled the captain."I don't get it my shield is still at 100%." answered N'Vek" The navigational systems are offline.Captain I think I have an explination." said Kavek. Satarius stands" Staff meeting. *signals senior staff to conference lounge*"

<< Counference Lounge>>

They sit."Ok Mr. Kavek explain." Satarius said as she sat."Each time we engage our engines the navigation gets hit. The more we increase our engine power the more the effect. Meanwhile our shielding is uneffected. But when we increased the field strength of our shield to maximum the hit is even harder. From my data I can only conclude that the new shield is reacting with the out put of our own engines and the gravitational forces of the wormhole." explained Kavek."Yes I am forced to agree with Mr. Kavek. Captain we should shut down the shield grid." said N'Vek.

" It was a good idea Mr. N'Vek maybe someday we'll know how to use your shield without destroying ourselves. =/\= Bridge turn off the new shielding grid and shut down the engines.=/\=" ordered Satarius."=/\= Aye=/\" responded the oficer."I'll begin repairs on the navigational array. It should only take about an hour." said N'vek as he stood up." Good. Dismissed." said Tempest Satarius.

OFF:=/\= Lt. jg Kavek, CSO, Uss ScopertA =/\=