USS Scoperta
Post 71


The USS Scoperta sat in the wormhole from the Federation to Delta
Quadrant, for all intents and purposes stationary. The act of
sitting still inside such a spatial event seemed somehow unatural to
Roberto. Yet the large starship was doing just that as the vortex of
energy that made up the wormhole writhed around it.

Captain Satarius, Lt. O'Brien, N'Vek and Kavek were all in the
conference room behind the bridge. Roberto sat at the operations
consol and was monitoring Engineerings progress on the repairs to the
navigational ssytems. The Helmsman was running a diagnostic program
from his consol and the only other person on the bridge was a young
and board science office at the science station behind tactical.

Roberto glanced up at the main display when he thought he had seen
something other than the walls of the wormhole move on it. He checked
sensor reading but they said nothing was out there, at least not on
the standard navigational and tactical scans. ~Just your
imagination,~ thought Roberto to himself.

"What the..." The Helmsman stopped before he swore.

Roberto glanced at him and noted he was staring at the Main Display.
He glanced at it himself just intime to see a shodowy shape cross the
screen. There was no way to tell how far away it might be as there
was no references for distance inside the Wormhole, so he had no way
to tell how large it was. He checked the scanner readings and they
still said there was nothing out there.

Roberto and the Helmsman looked at each other, "Did you see something
out there too?"

Roberto noded and thought for a moment. The standard tactical and
navigational sensors weren't seeing it what ever it was but it was
showing up on the main display. If it wasn't some sort of psychic
manifestation then the other scientific sensors and scanners on teh
ship should be able to find whatever it was. Roberto spoke up so the
ensign at the science station could hear him. "Sciences, wake up and
run a full spectrum sensor sweep around the ship, try to get
information from every system we have."

"Huh?" The ensign turned to face the front of the bridge, the look
she gave Roberto seemed to say she didn't understand why she should
take orders from another ensign, or an Orion he couldn't tell. "Why
should I do that?"

Just then the shadow or another one similar to it crossed the main
display once again. A look of shock crossed her face and Roberto
smilled as he spoke. "That's why. I'm not getting any reading on it
with the standard sensors."

"Right, I'll get on that..." The ensign shook herself as she turned
back to the science station at the back of the bridge. "It might
take a bit to get corelated data from all the scientific sensors."

"Shouldn't you notify the Captain?" The Helmsman asked Roberto.

Roberto was in the process of linking his ops display into the
science systems, his fingers kept moving across his display as he
spoke. "I'm not about to interupt a senior staff meeting until I
know for sure this is something Temp... the Captain needs to know.
Besides they have windows in the lounge if it's close enough to the
ship they will see it or them or whatever it is out there too. I
just want to maake sure were not halucinating or that it isn't just
somesort of visual anomoly first. When was the last time you heard
of anyone stop inside a wormhole?"

The Helmsman looked uncertain as he stared back out through the main
display. The science officer spoke up, "Still processing data, I
can't access the sensors linked to the main deflector without
shutting off the interspacal compensation deflector field. Should I
do that?"

Roberto wasn't unused to giving orders he had been a Captain several
times before but he was wondering why the other two ensigns on the
bridge kept asking him for guidance. "No, leave that alone for now.
Let's just see what we get from everything else first the captain
might have other ideas once we have something to report."

Ensign Roberto O'Kay
Operations Officer
USS Scoperta