USS Scoperta
Post 72

<<< Conference Lounge>>>

The senior staff sit around the table discussing ship functions.

N'Vek: My team is just about done repairs. Though the dilithium is just about gone. When we get back to DS10 we must get some more crystals.

Kavek: Why is the dilithium being used so fast?

N'Vek: The interspacial compensation field used a lot of power.

Satarius: Mr. Kavek what is the status of the hull?

Kavek: The hull strength is at 93% ma'am.

Satarius: Good lets try and keep it there.

Malari: Excuse me Captain I have a question.

Satarius: Yes Doctor.

Malari: I was wondering if some of the crew, with medical training, could help me in the sickbay. I am being over run with work at the moment.

Satarius: That would be a question for the new first officer. What do you think Mr. O'Brien?

O'Brien: That would be fine Doc. How about you pick a group of the crew and start them tomarrow.

Malari: Thank you sir.

Satarius: Al right I think.... What the?

A shadow swiftly slips by her vision.

N'Vek: Captain what is it?

Satarius: Huh.... A... a Yes Lieutenant. I'm fine.

Kavek:*looks out window* What is that *points to shadow*?

N'Vek: What I don't see anything but the inside of a wormhole. Dr. Malari I think you should scan their visual cortex.

O'Brien: Captain. Captain can you here me?

The captain and Kavek stare out of the window without movement. Malari gets out his tricorder and scans the captains and Kavek's brains.

Malari: I'm detecting a chemical imbalance in their visual cortex. It's producing false images for them to see.

O'Brien: Can you fix it?

Malari: I'm not sure. I will have to get them to sickbay. Help me get them there.

O'Brien and Malari lift the captain and N'Vek lifts Kavek.


They walk from the conference lounge and stop to see the remaining bridge crew frozen and looking at the view screen. Malari scans them and finds the same chemical imbalance.


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta