USS Scoperta
Post 73

<< USS Scoperta >>
< Bridge >

Ensign Signar D'Ruuk came on to the bridge and took the helm, was
found it od that he as well as two other officers had been called to
bridge duty. Medical staff were escorting the Captain, chief of
security and three ensigns off the bridge as he arrived. Lt. O'Brien
was sitting in the center command chair.

"As soon as we have navigational systems back fully online get us out
of this wormhole." ordered O'Brien.

< Port side Sickbay - CMO's office >

Dr. Paul Malari sat at his desk going over medical records and
histories. The helmsman and ensign from the science department had
been easily treated, just a matter of treating the chemical imbalance
directly, they had already been sent to there quarters to rest. The
other three were lying on beds in the 1st intensive care ward all in
a trance like state.

He skimmed through Roberto O'Kay's record once again. His and the
Captains were incredibly short, like they had only existed in the
Starfleet medical record system for two months which he thought was
really odd. However they had both undergone a full medical exams at
DS10 about 2 months ago so they actually had more recent data than
most of the crew did. The Orion had scars all over and it looked
like his left arm, eye and a lot of the left side of his face had
been replaced with cloned grafts.

"1/8th Betazoid... hmm that's odd." Paul spoke his thoughts under
his breath and keyed for more detailed genetic data. "All the
strands that are associated with... Malari you stupid slug why didn't
you remember that sooner."

He had an idea about how to treat them now he just had to run some
more tests. He got up from his desk to head for the laboratory when
he heard the scream from one of his all too few medical staff. He
ran for the 1st ICW.

< Port side Sickbay - 1st Intensive Care Ward >

Nicole looked up from the Orion and noticed that Rebecca was staring
off into space next to the bed the Captain was lying on. "Rebecca
are you all right?"

Nicole began to walk around the biobed when the Orion grabbed
her. "Where are we?" He snarled in her ear.

She glanced in his direction and for a moment she saw somewhere
else... burning, dead lying all around horrible things running
through the hallway towards her claws extended. She screamed.

Two lab techs ran into the ward to see what was going on. Roberto
glanced around the ward, he grabbed the hypospray from Nicole's hand
and pushed her away from him. Then he charged the two lab techs,
they weren't ready for the attack.

Doctor Malari ran into the ward just in time to see Roberto O'Kay run
out into the hallways of Deck 12. He looked around the ward itself
to try to figure out what had happened. One of his nurses was
standing beside the Captain starring off into space. A medical
technician was huddled up in a corner sobbing and two lab technicians
were lying on the floor, one cradling a broken arm the other
unconscious with a hypospray shoved up his nose.

=/\= Kavek, this is Malari, I might need some help near sickbay =/\=

< Deck 12 port side >

He had left Tahkisis behind and hated himself for it, but without a
weapon and her unconscious they wouldn't have lasted long. He need
to find some things, then he could rescue her. This wasn't their
ship and he was unfamiliar with the layout but at the same time it
felt familiar. He ran around the corner and into someone. Fist,
elbow, knee, duck away and roll to feet, his opponent was groaning on
the floor. He checked the prone body, nothing he could use as a
weapon, he bounced their head off the deck and took what he thought
might be a communicator.

The enemy was probably already looking for him, he wasn't about to
make it easy for them. He looked around the hallway and noticed a
service access panel, he opened it to a jefferies tube. Well Roberto
you've been in worse fixes and you've served in every department but
medical at one time or another, if you can't find or steal a weapon
you can always make one. He dived into the jefferies tube and closed
the access panel behind him.

Ensign Roberto O'Kay
operations officer
USS Scoperta