USS Scoperta
Post 74


O'Brien sits in the command chair consolting with his chief engineer, N'Vek.

O'brien: *looks at screen on arm of chair* N'Vek look at this security report. *N'Vek leens in* It says that a crewmember is runing wild through the ship. Reports say that he's injuried 5 crewmembers in the past half an hour.

N'Vek: Curious. Since we've been in this wormhole the crew and the ship have been on edge.*groans and holds his head*

O'Brien: What is it?

N'Vek: It's just a head ace. =/\= Engineering how long until repairs are complete?=/\=

The comm is silent.

N'VeK:=/\= Engineering come in.=/\=

The sinlents continues.

O'brien: =/\= Security to engineering=/\= *stands* Computer seel off engineering. *looks to N'Vek* Somethings very wrong.

O'Brien walks to tactical and scans the ship. " It looks like the internal sensors to engineering is offline." reported the first officer. " I'm going down there."said N'Vek. Then he walks to a wall panel and lifts it off and finds a phaser. He takes it a walks to the turbo lift. " I'll be back sir." said N'Vek as he enters the lift. " What's going on?" mumbled O'Brien.

<< Engineering>>

N'Vek walks in with 3 security crewmen. They hold their phasers out infront of them. The lights are dimmed. " Let's get the lights back up." said N'Vek as he walks to a console. The lights blink to full strength. Then they hear a clange. " What was that?" asked a crewman. They pear around the room. N'vek breaks from the group and peers into his dark office. He walks in and gets grabbed by a figure. The figure's hands brace themselves on the Romulan's face. " It's time to awaken your past abilities." mummbled the figure. The figure drops N'Vek and walks away. N'Vek gets up slowly and scrambles to find his phaser. " Lights!" shoted the Romulan. The lights shine.

"=/\= O'Brien.=/\=" said N'vek into his comm badge. " =/\= Yes N'Vek what have you found?=/\=" responded the commander. " Someone just preformed what I think is a vulcan mind meld." reported the romulan. " How are you?" asked the worried man. " I'm just a little shaken, but I'll be fine. I think all crewmembers should be confined to their rooms until this mystery man or men are found." suggested N'Vek. " =/\=Good idea. I'l talk to Malari to see if he's had any luck with the Captain and Kavek.=/\=" said O'Brien.

END: lt. Jg. Kavek, CTSO, Uss Scoperta


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek


USS Scoperta