USS Scoperta
Post 75

< Engineering - Fabrication Machine shop >

The place was dark and no one was around, unusual but Roberto wasn't
about to complain he would be careful though. The fabrication
replicator was easy to find, getting it to do what he needed it to do
would be a bit harder. However the operating system although not
something he was completely familiar with, it was similar to ones he
had used before. It was a matter of moments before he had several
fabricators creating the simple metal objects to his specifications.
While the machines worked Roberto began looking for other useful bits
and pieces.

< Engineering - main area and CEO office >

As N'Vek enters his darkened office the three security personnel
spread out to search engineering in the highly efficient, standard
and typical federation fashion (completely unsupported the morons).
They don't find any one in the rooms immediately off of the main
engineering area so they continue to spread out, relying on
communicators for quick and efficient communications.

"Lights!" shouted N'Vek from his office, only one of the security men
actually heard this and returns at a full run.

He arrives just as N'Vek finishes his conversation with
O'Brien. "sir, are you all right, sir?"

N'Vek waves him off, "Yes, I'm fine. Where are the other two?"

"Sir, searching the rest of engineering, sir." This crewman is way
to formal thought N'Vek.

< Engineering - Fabrication Machine Shop >

Roberto was in the process of programing sheaths and a belt into a
fabricator when he heard some thing move in a neighboring room. He
took his weapons in hand and ducked down behind the work beaches and
began edging to the door. he flattened himself along the wall just
behind a support near the door just in time as a man enters holding
what is most likely a phaser.

Roberto lucks out as the man starts heading away from him. He steps
out of his cover and swings his micro molecular edged saber around so
that it's tip is right at the front of the mans throat. The man would
have to turn awkwardly to fire at or see Roberto.

"Don't say anything and drop the weapon behind you, or your dead."
Roberto says calm and matter of factly.

The phaser clattered to the ground. Now came the tricky part,
Roberto slid forward and drew the saber back from the mans throat.
He placed the saber on the ground and reached for the phaser.

The man lashed out with a leg and began to turn while
shouting, "Lieutenant I found..."

< Engineering - Non-fabricateble Supply Storage Bay >

The third security man crept forward towards a door way lit with a
flickering light. He glanced in and saw what appeared to be all of
the engineering staff sitting in circles around candles as if they
were meditating. It looked very odd and unnerving.

He activated his communicator. "Lieutenant N'Vek, this is Smith. I'm
at the..."

"Sleep and by doing so find inner peace." The Vulcan whisper came
from right behind Smith and he realized that he had heard it in
Vulcan as well as his communicator translating it just as he felt
fingers brush his shoulder and everything went black.

< Engineering - CEO Office >

N'Vek's communicator beeped, =/\= Lieutenant N'Vek, this is Smith.
I'm at the... =/\=

N'Vek expected to hear the rest of the report when he heard a muffled
shout followed by a scream of agony that was suddenly cut short. The
scream could have come from anywhere as it seemed to echo through
engineering. The security man next to him was turning back and forth
pointing his phaser at each of the doors leading from the office in
rapid succession.

"Smith, report!" N'Vek didn't expect a response so he wasn't
surprised. "Computer where is Mr. Smith?"

"There are 136 Mr. Smith's on board the USS Scoperta at this time.
Please specify rank and or first name." The ever friendly voice of
the ships computer made N'Vek want to strangle someone. He glanced
over at the security crewman.

"We usually call him Joe, sir." The crewman said when he noticed
N'Vek looking at him. N'Vek didn't think that would help much and his
face showed it. "I think it's short for Joseph, sir." The crewman
hastily added.

"Computer where is Petty Officer Joseph Smith?" N'Vek said, with his
current luck there would be at least 3 on board, humans and there
overly repeated names.

This time he was surprised at the computer's response. "Petty
Officer Joseph Smith is in the Non-fabricateble Supply Storage Bay."

< Engineering - Fabrication Machine Shop >

Roberto chuckled to him self at what he knew was a very bad
joke. "Well that is now a very red shirt." The man lay on the floor
blood pumping from the deep slice in his throat and around the hilt
of the knife in his side.

Roberto bent down and pulled a triangular blade out of the mans left
lung. He had barely avoided the mans kick and lost his knife as he
had stabbed him. The mans shock at being stabbed had given Roberto
enough time to regain his saber and slice the mans throat open.
Unfortunately the noise the man had made could bring his friends
despite the echo.

Roberto quickly cleaned both blades on the mans pants then grabbed
the stuff he had made and found. With that in his arms he headed
back to the jefferies tube he had used to get to engineering. He
tossed his stuff into it and then pried the phaser open, pulled it's
power supply and then tossed the rest of the phaser into a far
corner. He figured the electronics included a tracker and a shut off
so unauthorized personnel wouldn't be able to use the weapon.
However with the other items he had already found all he needed was
the power supply.

Roberto crawled into the jefferies tube and sealed it behind himself
then pushed and pulled the items he had acquired to a junction
point. It didn't take him long to stash things and assemble parts.
Now that he was more fully equipped he could attempt a rescue. He
began to head back to where he had started, to the holding area where
he had woken up. He would rescue Takhisis, he could feel that she
still slept, and then they would have to find a way off this ship.

Ensign Roberto O'Kay
Operations Officer / Pirate
USS Scoperta