USS Scoperta
Post 77

><The bridge>
>O'brien was sitting in the center chair reading reports.
>Ops: Navigational controls ready
>O'brien: Helms man lay a course out of this wormhole
>Nav: Aye sir
>It was strange, all the normal bridge officer were down in sickbay or
>hunting for Kavek.
>O'brien: Security report on kavek!
>Sec: Nothing new sir.
>Nav: Course laid in. But it will be a bumpy ride without the enforced
>O'brien: =/\=N'vek, are all systems down there ok and can i leave the
>N'vek: =/\=Yes, you can sir all systems ready =/\=
>O'brien: Yellow alert. =/\=This is the captain to all hands, we will
>the wormhole in 1 minute so hold on it maybe a bit shaking=/\=. Bring
>us out
>1/4 impulse
>The Scoperta was slowly moving out of the wormhole. It all looked
>O'brien: how long before we leave this wormhole
>Nav: 1 minute
>Nav: 30 sec
>Nav: 15
>Suddenly a enormous shock trought the ship. The engines stopped and
>lights dropped out. it was silent for 5 seconds. Around O'brien laid
>bridge officers. O'brien who was only wounded at his head took a
>and taped on his combadge.
>O'brien: =/\=Medical team to the bridge=/\=
>He started scanning. Nobody was killed but there condition wasn't to
>It was still almost dark on the bridge and very quiet. Normally the
>made a humming sound but now it was all quiet.
>O'brien: =/\=Medical team to the bridge, sickbay report=/\=
>Malari: =/\= What happend, sickbay is a mess=/\=
>O'brien: =/\= Just when we were leaving the wormhole somthing hit us.
>can't access sensors from the bridge any more and all the bridge crew
>uncunsious. All consoles blew up. Just send me a med team up here=/\=
>Malari: =/\= I would like to that but the turbolifts are down =/\=
>O'brien: =/\= Try to get your men in jeffries tubes to all parts of
>ship. I will try to contact the rest of the department chiefs=/\=
>Malari: =/\=OK, sir=/\=
>O'brien: =/\= N'vek did you located Kavek ?=/\=
>N'Vek: Yes sir. We have him down here, but he's uncoinous. I'm going
>bring him to sick bay soon.
>O'brien: Ok N'Vek.
><< Engineering>>
>N'Vek: Lieutenant Win take over while I take Kavek to sickbay.
>Win: (NPC) Aye sir.
>N'vek grabs the handle of the med bed and pulls it through the door.
>pulls the huvoring med bed through the corridor. Kavek lays still on
>bed with his eyes open wide. Then he twitches and shakes and blinks.
>stops and looks at him. Kavek sits up and grabs N'Vek's arm.
>" N... N'vek help me!" yelled the vulcan man. " Kavek what is
>asked N'Vek. " He's... he's testing... our responses to... to...
stress and
>violence." mummbled Kavek. " He's been controling me, but my psychic
>abilities have managed to block his control. " explained Kavek. " How
>can you block him?" asked N'vek. " I... I don't know, but..." said
Kavek as
>he passes out. " I'd better hurry." said N'Vek as he runs with the med

Malari was rushed off his feet. There were only 10 trained medical
personnel still fit for duty. 8 of those were in seperate cargobays
treating people there as sickbay was already holding 3 times its
They were relaying back to Malari at regular intervals if they needed
Now he had got this problem on the bridge to deal with. He picked up
several medikits.
<Malari>Computer, activate EMH in sickbay.
The EMH appeared in front of Malari.
<Malari>We have multiple injuries, do your best.
With that Malari ran off to the bridge. Passing a replicator he
replicated a little gadget that would come in handy. He carried on
down the
corridor until he came to a turbolift. He prised open the doors and
inside. There was no turbolift there. Malari pulled out a small tube
he had replicated, pointed it up, typed in some numbers and pressed a
button. Immedialtly he was dragged up by an anti-grav field and landed
outside the deck below the bridge. In front of him was N'vek with a
and Kavek on it.
<Malari>Get him down to sickbay now!
<N'vek>What?? Arn't you going to look at hi yourself?
<Malari>Not enough time, bye.
With that Malari ran off leaving N'vek to take Kavek down to sickbay.
prised open another turbolift and two minutes later was on the bridge.

He scanned for who was in the worst condition. An ensign was lying
next to
the captains chair. He was the worst. Malari sat down next to him and
started to treat him.

<<< Sickbay>>>

N'vek runs in with Kavek's body still in a trance state.

N'vek: Nurse I need help. He's being controled by some superior life form.

Nurse:(NPC) A... a ok I don't know what I can do for him. This medical knowledge is way out of my league.

N'vek: How about we take a neural scan of his brain and then compare the data to the data already in file.

Nurse: Good idea sir.

The N'Vek sudenly became dizzy. He leans on a wall for support. A few minutes later he comes out of the dizzyness.

Nurse: Sir are you ok?

N'vek: I'm just a little dizzy. Start the brain scan.

The nurse begins scaning Kavek. Then N'vek begins hearing a voice.

Voice: (NPC) Go back. Go back to the time of youth. Anger hate swells in you. Your father is gone forever. Let the hate swell more and more until....

N'Vek: No! No!

N'vek starts shaking

N'Vek: Nurse! Put a containment field... a... around me quick!

Nurse: What?

N'Vek: Do it!

<< 2 hours later>> << Sickbay>>

N'Vek sits on the floor.

O'Brien and Malari walks up to the field that contains n'vek.

O'brien: N'Vek are you ok?

N'vek: I'm not sure.

Malari: What is happening to you and the others?
N'vek: Some sort of superior life form is... is bringing back terrible memories and making them so.... so... real. It is very painful to wa... watch these memories. This is only happening to crewmen with psychic abilities thats how he contacts us.

O'brien: But Romulans don't have telepathic ablities.

N'vek: Yes, but I think whatever Kavek did awakened the past abilities that my people had.

Malari:*takes out tricorder* yes I'm detecting a neural field around Mr. N'vek's brain. He has the basic neural abilities a vulcan has.

N'vek: Remember sir that Romulans once did have telepathic abilities because we were vulcans.

Then Malari's tricorder beeps like crazy as N'vek falls over and passes out.

Malari: Sir I'm detecting another neural genic field it's stronger then his. Wait a minute I'm detecting many more throught the ship.

o'Brien: Can you block it?

Malari: Possibly, but not for long.

Malari stands

Malari: =/\= Engineering give me deflector control in sickbay.=/\=

Engineer: =/\= Aye.=/\=

O'brien: What are you doing paul?

Malari starts working fast on the console.

Malari: I'm using the deflectolr to project an inveres neural field around the ship it should cancel out the beings field. Once it's up we should get the heck outta here.

O'brien: Rght. =/\= Helm activate warp engines to warp 8 take us home!=/\=

Helm: Yes sir. Engage engines... now. ETA 4 minutes till wormhole threshold.

Malari: Let's hope that being can't leave the hole.

O'brien: I just hope my crew wakes up and my Captain.

Malari: So hows the big chair been.

O'brien: Just great.

Then N'Vek slowly stands and the rest of the unconious crewmen wake slowly also.

N'vek: What's going on?

Malari: we have left the wormhole.

N'vek: Good the being won't be able to follows us out here.

Satarius: Mr. O'Brien what just happened. I was in the conference lounge then I had a flash back of some sort. I also sensed great lonelyness from some sort of being.

O'brien: It'll take time to explain capatin.


N'vek, O'brien, Kavek, and Malari