USS Scoperta
Post 78

<< Captain's Office>>

Satarius sits near her window stairing at the darkness of space while sipping a mug of hot chocolate. The door request chimes, " Come in" replied the captain. She turns to her guest.

" Hello Mr. Kavek. How are you felling?" asked Satarius. " I am still recovering from the ordeal, but the vulcan mind melds from Ensign Javik(NPC) are quite helpful in suppresing the memories the being has brought to life." answered Kavek. " Yes, the memories are still chiming through my head. Doctor Malari said they'll go away in time. Maybe I should try I mind meld." said Satarius. "Perhapes." responded the vulcan. " So what did you want to tell me Lieutenant?" said Satarius.

" I wanted to give you a security report." said Kavek. " Go ahead." said Satarius. " We have found 23 crewmen injuried lying in the corriders. And we found O'Kay unconious in Jefferies tube 47 beta. And lieutenant Mli is being held in sickbay under a level 5 forcefield." reported the security officer. " Why?" asked Captain Satarius. " He is still feeling the violant memories as we did. He has not yet reached the after math as we have." reported Kavek. " Very good Lieutenant. You may leave." said Satarius. Kavek walks away.

OFF: Lt. Jg. Kavek, CS/TO, Uss ScopErta