USS Scoperta
Post 79

Roberto came too and noticed he was being carried, he continued to
hang limp while he assessed the situation. Then his mind seperated
the last couple of hours into what he had been compelled to beleive
and what had really happened. He was being supported by what he
assumed were two humanoids based on the grip they had him in and the
way he was carried. Most likely they were security personnel, most
likely he was on his way to the brig. Not a good impression to make
on a new employeer he thought.

He really really hated ultra powerful energy and psychic beings,
manipulateing corpreal entities as if we were their toys. Just
because they felt like it or they were board or they thought we
should do things differently. They had no right to meddel in others
affairs, to impose their will on others like that, we can do that to
ourselves without there assistance. They had messed with his life
way too much and destroyed too many of his friends, if Roberto ever
found a way to hurt or kill them he would very willingly use it.

Oh, well enough faking he thought might as well find out how much
trouble he was in this time. Roberto opened his eyes, brought his
feet under himself and matched step with the two security men to
either side of him. He looked at each of them before he began to
speak. "So how much trouble am I in and where are we going?"