USS Scoperta
Post 80

<< Kavek's Room>>

Kavek sits in his room reading a security status report while sipping a cup of Vulcan spice tea. The door rings." Come in" responded Kavek. Roberto O'Kay walks in. " Hello Mr.O'Kay. What is it?' said Kavek. " I'm just wondering if I would be punished for the violant acts I comitted?" asked O'Kay. " No ensign,but Doctor Malari thinks you should be monitored with a cortical scanner. Go to him and he'll explain more. But I still expect you to be at your post when we dock at the station." said Kavek. "When will we be there?" asked O'Kay. " In about 12 hours. Your dissmissed Ensign." said Kavek as O'Kay leaves the room.

OFF: Lt. Jg. Kavek, CS/TO, Us Scoperta