USS Scoperta
Post 81

Roberto left Kavek's office waved to the security personnel in the
near by rooms, he figured they'd probably get know him by name soon
enough. Security never seemed to trust Orions much, probably had a
lot to do with how profitable the Cartel was. He proceeded to make
his way back to the port side sick bay on deck 12.

Roberto walked into the sickbay, and noticed things were still quite
chaotic. He stepped out of the main walk ways and was sliding
towards Dr Malari's office when he passed near a female medical
technician just finishing with a patient. She turned away from the
patient and towards him, letting out a barely stifled gasp of

Roberto bowed to her, "Ma'am I am terribly sorry for my behavior
earlier today and wish I had not harmed you or any one else here."
he took one of her hands and kissed the back of it. "I would not be
here, in the way, if not for the chief of Security telling me I
needed to see Dr. Malari."

Nicole was surprised at this behavior and taken a bit off guard, "Dr.
Malari is busy with patients right now..."

Roberto stood and looked her in the eyes, still holding her hand and
smiling in a manner he hoped she didn't consider threatening. "And I
am most likely in the way here. Is there anywhere I could wait for
him or help with the other patients."

Nicole pointed to some chairs off to one side near the CMO's office
with her free hand. "It would probably be best if you waited over

Roberto let go of her hand and steeped back from her. "Thank
you..." he paused deliberately.

"Nicole," she said, wondering as she said it why she was telling him.

"Thank you, Nicole," Roberto smiled, "If you need any help at all
Roberto O'Kay is at your service."

Roberto turned and headed for the chairs she had indicated. He knew
he had laid it on a bit think, and the psychic nudges might not have
been necessary, but he also figured he better start repairing some of
the damage he had caused around here, besides it may lead to other
things as well. He sat down in one of the chairs and waited.


Tag Malari :)

Ensign Roberto O'Kay
Operations Officer
USS Scoperta