USS Scoperta
Post 82

(( USS SCOPERTA - Bridge )) IN: "Warp?" "You heard the order." Signar nodded and worked furiously. Increasing the inertial dampeners to full, and giving extra power to the reinforcing systems, he activated the warp drive in the worm hole. The multiple energy streams, seared out to the ship, trying to diffuse the unequal energy distribution. Turbulence rocked the ship. There was little Signar could do. There was no where else to fly, they could only hold on! Finally, the rough ride ended, and the USS SCOPERTA emerged from the space tempest. "Course set and laid in for our next destination." Signar reported. The hard part was over. After getting the green light Signar keyed in the ship to begin traveling at a relatively safe speed. The SCOPERTA zoomed into the black of space, hurt, but never giving up! OUT: Tag anyone! /Ensign Signar DRuuk /

Tempest emerged from her ready room. O'Brien
stood, as did the rest of the bridge crew. "Oh,
please" Tempest smiled with a wave of her hand.
"Don't do that." They all sat back down. Tempest
cocked her head to the side as she watched O'Brien sit
back her chair.

"Mr. O'Brien..." She started.

He jumped back up, his cheeks flushing red. "Of
course, Ma'am" he said as he moved back over a seat.
Tempest laughed as she sauntered over to her chair.
"Thank you, Sir" she winked at him.

He cleared his throat and straightened up.

"Crew" Tempest started, loud enough for the bridge
crew to hear. "Slight change of plans. Fleet Admiral
Copeland has requested our presence at DS-10. I
informed him of our complete cooperation. Mr. D'Ruuk,
Excellent idea with the shields, make it so. Sounds
like it will get us there a bit quicker than our
current movement." Tempest looked at her console,
bringing up Signar's program and tapping in a few
formulas of her own.

"If I understand correctly, about 6 hours before we
make it completely through?"

Signar nodded. "Correct, Sir"

Tempest closed her eyes for a slight second and
inhaled slowly. "That's twice" she said almost too
softly for anyone to hear.

Signar turned in his chair flashing his most charming
smile. "Twice for what, Sir?"

Tempest licked her teeth and blinked slowly tapping
her finger on the arm of her chair. O'Brien took his
cue without further warning. "You might want to..."
he started.

Signar winked, unexpectedly making Tempests face flush
slightly. "I won't do it again, Ma'am" he grinned a
crooked grin and turned back around facing his

"And Mr. D'Ruuk, you might consider slowing down on
the race to get through the females on the ship. At
the rate you are going you will run out of ladies to
terrorize before the month is up" Tempest said quietly
with one eyebrow raised. She could see his face
broaden from even behind with a cocky smile. She
shook her head.

"Mr. D'Ruuk. Take us in" She said clearly.

"Aye, Ma'am"

"Mr. O'Brien, you may take a break if you like.
Actually, if you please, would you mind checking on
our resident Orion to make sure he isn't going to
terrorize anyone else?" Tempest requested, turning to

"He is in sick bay now, waiting for a check up with
Dr. Malari." he responded.

"Seems since he's been on board it's been a little
chaotic. Perhaps when he's finished you'd like to
escort him to the bridge as I do not believe I have
actually crossed paths with him yet." She suggested.

"Not a bad idea, Ma'am. We already know what he is
capable of."

~I doubt that~ she thought, sighing. "Yes." She said.
She hadn't seen Roberto in quite some time. Her
thoughts turned to...

"Ma'am? I'm heading down there now" O'Brien repeated.

"Excellent. Have Dr. Malari report to me his findings
and suggestions on Mr. O'Kay's duties".

O'Brien nodded as he turned and left the bridge.
Behind her she heard a cough that sounded like it was
trying to stifle a laugh. Tempest turned. There were
two medical technicians there accessing and forwarding
some information to Dr. Malari in sick bay. Tempest
somewhat recognized one of the girls. ~Mary? Terri?~
she ran through a few names. "Sherri. Is that right,

"Yes, Ma'am" she blushed.

"and you are.." Tempest prodded the other tech.

"Nicole, Ma'am. Deepest apologies..." she stammered.

"what are you pulling from the database?" Tempest

"Pulling as much information as we can on the Orion
race, seeing if there is anything in here that we
don't have. All of the terminals are being used in
sickbay currently" Nicole said quickly when she saw
Tempest frown.

"Ah, Yes, Mr. O'Kay." Tempest said.

Nicoles face turned slightly red and Sherri tried not
to look at her.

"Great, I'm running a love boat here." Tempest said to
herself. "Ladies, if you please, finish up what you
are doing." she said tactfully.

The girls, taking the hint, sent the information to
medical then left, Sherri stealing a final glance at
Signar on her way out.

"6 more hours, Correct?" Tempest inquired.

"Yes, Ma'am, 6 more hours."

"Excellent, I'll let the Fleet Admiral know" Tempest
started tapping into her PADD letting Flt. Adm.
Copeland know their ETA.

Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer

USS Scoperta