USS Scoperta
Post 83

O'Brien reentered the bridge. "Mr. O'Kay is
doing well, cortical scans are seeming normal at this

"Normal? What is normal?" Tempest inquired

"Well, Normal as far as what we know of Orions with a
hint of Betazoid in them" O'Brien answered.

"Sounds like a salad" Tempest laughed. No one else
seemed amused. ~Okay, maybe that wasn't my funniest
one yet~ she mused.

"Yes, Ma'am" O'Brien answered, trying to force an
amused look.

"Okie dokey then. I think I'm going to go for a
stroll. Mr' O'Brien, would you mind taking the bridge
for a bit longer?" she asked.

"Not at all, Ma'am" he responded.

"Great. Thanks." Tempest smiled. She headed to the
turbo lift accompanied by Signar. Tempest felt his
approach behind her. She entered the turbolift and
turned slowly around as he entered. "Time for a
break, Ensign?" She asked staring at the wall in front
of her. He waited til the door closed then glanced
over at her dark fringed eyes. She glanced sideways
at him when he didn't answer her. "Yes, Ma'am" he
smiled. I think I am in the mood for a visit to the
holodeck." He smiled.

"Well, if you don't mind slightyly arid, rocky
mountainous trails with a storm brewing over head,
you can share my program. I'm sure it's big enough
for the both of us." She offered.

"Thank you for the offer, Ma'am" He nodded.

~ I'm going to have to do something about that Ma'am,
business. Its starting to lose it's novelty.~ she
thought. It was always nice when she got promoted,
especially so fast. This assignment was a bit more
agressive than any of her others, and she didn't have
to work quite as hard at it as she had before. Even
though she didn't anticipate any agressive career
moves here, even tried to avoid them, the thrill of
being in charge and having so much power underneath
her was still intoxicating. Also her dedication to
her duty would allow her nothing less than putting
everything she had into this assignment.

She breathed in deeply. Intoxicating, indeed. As was
the exhilerating scent she couldn't believe she'd
missed before...
Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta