USS Scoperta
Post 86

<<< Engineers Office >>>

N'Vek sits at his table siping a cup of romulan spice tea while looking over a PADD of engineering work shift reports. The door rings.

N'vek: Come.

Lt. Win:(NPC) You wanted to see me sir.

N'Vek: Yes Mr. Win. I've been looking through my engineering work shift report and i see you've logged many hours over your requested time. And your work has be exeplary.

Win: Thank you sir, but...

N'Vek: I was wondering if you could find some time to help Ensign Signar DRuuk and my self correct my interspacial shielding.

Win: Yes sir. But why would the pilot need to work with the shields?

N'vek: If you remember Mr. Win the navigational array went offline during the shields operation. It was also effected by the wormholes effects.

Win: yes sir I remember now. When do we start?

N'vek: 08:00 tomorrow. Meet me in the holodeck to simulate the problems.

Win: Ya, yes sir. Tomorrow.

N'Vek: Your dismissed Lieutenant.

Win walks from the room.

End:Tag Signar

Lt. Jg. N'vek

USS Scoperta