USS Scoperta
Post 90

<< Engineering>>

Win sits at a console reviewing the interspacial field configuration. N'Vek walks in with a kit and a PADD.

N'vek: Are you ready Mr. Win?

Win:*stands* Yes sir. I was just looking over the field configuration.

N'Vek: Good effort. Lets go.

They walk to the door and out of the room. They walk through the corridoors. The walkl into the turbo lift.

N'vek: Holodeck 3.

Win: Where is Ensign Signar sir?

N'vek: He will be meeting us later.

Win: Yes sir.

The lift stops, they walk out and into a doorway. They walk in the room.

<<< Holodeck>>>

N'vek: Computer load program fieldnvek09.

Computer: Program ready.

The engineering room appears.

N'Vek: Lets begin. *walks to console and Win follows*

Win: Yes sir.

N'veK: First we have to try and figure out a way to keep the engine emmitions from reacting with the wormhole. Then when Mr. signar gets here we'll tackle the navigational array problem.

Win: Yes sir.

N'Vek: You can relax Mr. Win. We're in the holodeck.

Win: Yes... Ok Lt.

N'Vek: Call me N'Vek. Can I call you Morris.

Win: Most people call me Win, sir.

N'Vek: Now what are your thoughts on the problem?

Win: I was thinking we could use some kinda field or something to filter the emistions.

N'vek: Hmmm... No we shouldn't use a field that could amplify the problem, but we do need some kinda filter.

Win: If I remember correctly Romulan engines use a kind of filter.

N'Vek: Yes! Good. It filters the emittions that come out of the artifical wormhole it uses to power itself. We can program the replicator to create a similar version of it.


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta