USS Scoperta
Post 92

Tempest arrived at the holodeck and noticed Signar was already there. She entered, not really expecting to see him. "Hey, Cap, what took you so long?" Tempest laughed. "Well, I didnt know exactly what your plans were. Im just planning on hiking around, maybe getting to the cave about midway up that mountain" she said pointing. "Oh." He said almost dejectedly. "So, its not a date?" he said with a wink. "Well, you are welcome to hike with me. Company would actually be nice" she said. They hiked for maybe half an hour when Signar stumbled in what appeared to be a wood chuck hole. Instantly Tempest reached out and grabbed him under the arm to steady him. "Great reflexes, cap. Thanks" he said with a smile. "Yeah, well, in a previous life I had super powers" Tempest said with a laugh, trying not to laugh hysterically at this joke he probably wouldnt get. "So, is it going to rain or are those clouds just for looks?" he asked, looking up. "I actually dont know. I made this program with a random storm occurrence. So, I never know if those clouds are going to burst or not. Its kind of a race for me to see if I can get to the cave before it does." "Do you always make it?" "Not always, but it is alright with me. I love doing just about everything in the rain anyway." She said, spreading her arms wide so the wind could blow all around her. Just then Signar got a comm. from NVek. (I think...Im working offline on this). He looked at Tempest with a question in his eyes. She smiled and brushed the hair off her face. "Guess duty calls, eh?" she said. "I guess so." He almost sounded disappointed. "Perhaps you can join me another time" she invited. "Thank, you Maam." He replied. "Tempest will do just fine" she said as she turned toward the side of the mountain away from the trail and began climbing up the rocky face of peak. "Be careful up there, Tempest" He said. "You probably should just stick to the trail if you are going to be alone." "I have the safety protocols in effect" Tempest lied. After all, what fun was climbing if there was no adventure to it? Signar called for the exit and left. Tempest tapped her comm. badge. "Do you need me on the bridge, Mr. OBrien?" "Not just yet, Maam". He answered. "Okay, let me know if you do. I should be back within the hour" "Yes, Maam" She was going to have to tell him that he could call her Tempest as well. She much more liked the sound of that than Maam. Nrpg: Im waiting on word from Copeland on what and when for this cross post, sowhat you all are doing now is fine!


 Captain Tempest Satarius Commanding Officer USS Scoperta