USS Scoperta
Post 93

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N'Vek walks back over to Win and continues to work.

N'Vek: Mr. Win lets start programing the replicators for that romulan filter.

Win: Ok. Computer arch.

Then an arch appears and they walk towards it.

N'Vek: Computer prepare the replicator for molecular composition and function display. Give me the schematics.

Win hads schematics to N'Vek and N'Vek enters the data into the databank.

Computer: Replicator analysing data. Item ready in 5 minutes.

N'vek: How is it coming over there Mr. Signar?

Signar: Just great. I don't think it was my faught though. It was your engine's emittions. It over loaded the arrays sensor inputs.

N'vek: Well we're taking care of that problem right now.


Lt. J.G. N'vek


USS SCoperta