USS Scoperta
Post 94

Zantor wandered the desks, trying to get a better sence on this
mysterious force that made him feel like this was home. He had
wandered for an hour, having seen he didn't pull duty untill late
that night. Graveyard shift wasn't so bad, but it was a waste of his
talents. He was a fully doctor, everyone knew it. It was still yet
another way that they were being mysterious and hateful to him. But
he didn't mind it, he seemed to have a high tolerance for the abuses
of others, as long as they didn't betray him.
But he continued to wander around the ship, watching as the
bulkheads passed by him in steady forms, barely catching up with his
pase. He always had walked fast, and now was no different. As he
wandered, he reached out tenatively with his mind, feeling the
beings he passed, the joys and pains they held inside, without
intrusion ofcourse. His medical training prevented him of that, do
no harm they always said. In his line of work, it was a hard thing
not to do any harm. But he still compensated for that with his
excellence with his medical profession. He still allowed himself to
feel the minds within the rooms around him. Yet his tour had
purpose, thought behind it. He reached the turbolift and headed for
the bridge.

The lieutenant walked up to him, he seemed to attract that type of
"Ensign, what can I do for you?"
"I'm sorry, sir. Since the Chief Medical Officer wasn't there for me
to report to, I thoguht to check in with the Captain or First
officer for information."
"Well, son, Captain Tempest Satarius is currently off duty, but I
can try to locate the first officer for you."
Zantor shook his head, finding it funny that the older looking man
had called him son, even when Zantor had about 500 or so years on
him. "That won't be nessessary. Thank you, Sir." Zantor said,
turning about and walking back to the the turoblift.

Near the holodecks, he opened his mind again. Just a peak, just a
thought, reading and escaping in the thoughts of others. A few were
swimming on rigel 9, a few were fighting in the klingon program that
he knew of, two others were hiking up a moutian...
Hmm... that is an idea, Zantor said to himself just before closing
his mind and heading to the next holodeck. He pulled out his padd,
programing in the individual course into the data banks. Hiking on
Vilar 4, he smiled as he activated the program and walked in.

Something about this place filled his memory, something about this
moutian spoke to him in ways he couldn't describe. It was filled
with the beauty of the surroundings, the cold crisp moutian air, the
long hills with beautifully purple bolders and pebbles, the
cavernious connections of streams below, but his favorate part was
the cliff he now stood on. He smiled as he looked down, watching
three small pebbles fall down the 400 foot flight. He closed his eys
and felt the nature take over, felt the wind filling his heart, his
Something about this place did stirr his memories, his past.
He could imagine...
'Oh, is it easier to walk to the edge of a 400 foot cliff...' A soft
wisper rang in his mind.
A pair of eyes appear in his mind's eyes, the need for silence, the
soft touch of finger against lips. The...
He was on to something and he knew it. When Zantor opened his eyes,
the images were gone, the memory passed back into the turmoil of his
past. oh well, he said as he walked back and sat in the cave. More
today then yesterday, more tomarrow then today, eh thought to
Zantor relaxed there for a few moment, before hiking back down and
heading to his quarters.
Ensign Roka Zantor