USS Scoperta
Post 95

Tempest stared out at the calming sunset. Just simply staring, like
so many times before. And like so many times before, she had hoped
that someone would appear from the background, someone would join
her. NOt just anybody, but a certian somebody.
But she had to resign herself to the fact that he was gone, she told
herself. He was dead, long lost in the fabric of time to some will
of undescribible mystery. And yet, she still couldn't shake the
feeling that he was alive, somewhere, out there. It was times like
these that she could almost sence that he was with her, that he was
just beyond her glance against the purple lit moutians.
But she knew it was a farce, a vain hope against all odds. He hadn't
shown up in the entire length of time that she was here, heck he
didn't even show up while she was fighting in, well, that's another
Tempest looked down at her hands, almost remembering the last time
they touched his face. She smiled as he rose his hand to her lips,
silencing her from her endless babble when all he wanted to do was
stare into her eyes... Those eyes... Those eyes... They still
haunted her in the night, still came through in her dreams.
Suddenly tempest's head twisted back towards the cave, almsot
certian she had heard the same sounds that he made while coming out
of it. No, she didn't hear it. Did she?
no... NO!!!!!!!! What she heard was his thoughts, his fleeting mind
floating across her mind for the first time in ages. The gentle
caress of his spirit, just for a heartbeat before it was gone again
and she felt alone.
But it was enough, it was enough. Her eyes widened, her heart
threatened to tear from her chest as she was wrapped up in the now
fleeting memory of his touching her mind. He was alive... he was
Tempest, wrapped up in the emotions of a forigen and far off lover,
should have watched her step. For as she felt herself wrapped in her
emotions, her feet pressed back, towards the jagged edgeof the
cliff... Closer... Closer...

Tempest Fell

Zantor looked up, hearing a soul cry out, hearing a voice as radiant
as any nova he had ever experienced scream for help, atleast within
his mind.
"Roka!!!" He heard, all to autibly as he turned around.
"Computer! Disengage program."
The moutian shimmered out of existance as he watched himself become
alone again. He opened his mind again, now knowing fully well what
was going on.
"Computer! Re-engage safty protocalls of all holodecks immediately!"
Zantor shouted, already on his way out the door.

It is hard to describe flight, or falling. There was something truly
glorious about that lack of control, allowing one to fall from both
mind, body, and soul. And something deeply terrifiying as Tempest
realized that while the glory of her flight filled her, she was
still speeding towards the bottom.
Before she could control herself, she called out for the only person
that came into her mind to help her. Yet, knowing he would never
arrive, she quickly twisted her body into a ball, flipping over to
allow for greater wind resistance. If she could just get to the
river, she thought untill the once beautiful rock raced towards her

Zantor ran into the holodeck right next to his and saw the body of a
woman fall from the cliff, just intime, or far too late. He began to
run, faster then he had ever imagined her could go. It was as if
somethign inside of him had pushed him towards helping his person.
'ofcourse' he would tell himself later 'your medical training you
big dork'
Zantor watched as the woman's scull cracked ruthlessly on the rock
wall becide her, just before the program deactivated and the body
took it's final plunge onto the yellow squares. Zantor raced forward.
He turned her over, touching her forehead with his hand and trying
to determine her injuries, for the safety protocalls took a moment
to come online and even longer to disengage.
"Sick Bay! This is Holodeck 3 (number right?)! I have an accident
here! Looks like crainal damage, broken nose, possible broken neck.
Patient is uncontious at the moment and I am applying pressure to
her bleeding. Note for trama team, better have an extra supply of
blood on hand, it looks like a bone punchtured her aorta (or teh
betazed equivalent) and she's starting to bleed out!" Zantor said,
all while taking off his shirt and pressing it fearcly on her neck.
Her eyes fluttered open for a moment while he lowered his hands
down. When he looked back up, they were closed again, he was certian
she hadn't seen anyof his face, not that that mattered.
"Be advised, this is a prioity one alert, Guys where are you?! The
patient is a Captain!"
Immediately the room was filled with a whine that Zantor recognized
immediately as a transporter signal.
The trama team quickly took over as Zantor watched. He wanted to
head to sickbay to prepare, but something told him he wasn't suppose
to leave her side.
Ensign Roka Zantor