USS Scoperta
Post 98

(( USS SCOPERTA - Holodeck )) IN: Signar approaches NVek, "Sir, I mean, NVek, Ive got an idea. If we re-polarize the main collectors on the nacelles, the intakes should realign." NVek: "Sounds reasonable." Signar: "What can it hurt to try, right? We are out here experimenting." NVek: "Well" Signar: "Computer, I need a type two magnetic infuser." The device materializes. "Now beam me to one meter in front of the" NVek: "WAIT!" Signar: "What?" NVek: "Dont beam there directly, the safeties are off! There would be no atmosphere. We need to recreate our conditions exactly." Signar understood and nodded. He replicated a space suit and then beamed to the holodecks recreation of the collector. Charging the infuser his mind began to try and tell him something. As he applied the tools tip to the main housing he recalled what happened to vented ions in space, they became electricity! Signar watched as blue electrical fingers scoured around his suit. He knew this was it and he would be burned to a crisp. However, he didnt feel even a tingle, other than the one running up and down his spine. He finally managed to get his voice back. "Computer, are the safeties on?" Computer: [ Yes, Ensign Roka Zantor reactivated them. ] Signar: "Ill be sure to thank him later! Did the intakes realign?" Computer: [Affirmative.] Signar: "Great, beam me back to NVek." The familiar tingle grabbed his body. "We can do it." Signar explained, "Just not manually, I think it would be safer to send a pulse through the system." "Good point," NVek said, "Why didnt you just try that sooner?" "I guess Im not much of an engineer.", Signar admitted. "Youve done fine today.", NVek encouraged. "Well, I almost fried myself to a crisp." Signar said. "Ive had enough I think for awhile." "Fine with me, the problem is fixed." NVek said in departing. "Thank you, sir." Signar said and made a quick journey to his quarters.

OUT: [ = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = ] Ensign Signar DRuuk / Klingon + Vulcan Navigator + Pilot / USS SCOPERTA Fighter Call Sign - Boomerang ICQ # 120856184 / [ = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = <^> = = = ]