USS Scoperta
Post 99


N'Vek, Win, and Signar stand cleaning up their equipment.

N'Vek: This has been very productive. Thank you Mr. Win and Mr. Signar for helping me solve this problem. But now I have to give my report to the Captain.

Win: Tell her we hope she gets better.

N'vek: I will.

N'Vek leaves them in the holodeck.

<<<Captain's Room>>>

The captain sits at her table looking out the window and listening to some music. The door rings.

Satarius: Come in.

N'Vek walks in.

N'Vek: Hello Captain how are you feeling?

Satarius: I've got a head ace, but pretty good. So what is it N'Vek?

N'Vek: I have my weekly engineering report. Oh and Lt. Win and Ensign Signar said they hope you feel better.

Satarius: Thats nice. Tell them I appresiate their thought.

N'Vek: Mr. Signar and Mr. Win and my self have been working in the holodeck trying to solve the problem with our interspacial field.

Satarius: What are your findings.

N'Vek: The details are in the PADD, but we have fixed the problem. It took some Romulan engineering and some innovative thinking by Mr. Signar.

Satarius: Very good Mr. N'Vek. I'll see you later at the next staff meeting.

N'Vek: Jolan tru ma'am.

And N'Vek walks out of the door.'


Lt. Jg. N'Vek


USS Scoperta