USS Scoperta
Post 100

(( USS SCOPERTA - Signars Quarters )) IN: Signar laid down on his bed. It was not a very comfortable thing, this mattress. He figured with time and rank he could find a better one. [Ensign Signar] the computer said, [you have one message, incoming live from, Vulcan] "Lets see it." Signar said. The inky black of the screen was replaced with the UFOP symbol and then the countenance of his father. "Sir." Signar said. "Son!", Kraay replied, "Did you turn in your application yet?" Signar: "No, sir." Kraay: "Why not son?" Signar: "Ive been busy." Kraay: "Look son, we both want this. Call me back when youve done it. Youre mother wishes the best for you, live long and prosper." Signar: "Live long and prosper." Kraay nods and the screen goes back to black. Signar picks up the PADD he had been delaying in giving to the captain for a week. Better late than never, Signar decides. * * * Captains Ready Room * * * Captain: "Come" The doors open and Signar enters. "Have a seat Ensign.", Tempest gestures to a chair. "Are you doing well Captain?" Signar asked, "All things considering?" "I suppose." She replied, "I understand youve been helping Mr. NVek." "Helping may be an overstatement." Signar said, "I didnt get in the way." "Such modesty.", she said, "Im thinking you do want something." "Yes, Captain." Signar replied, "Id like to take some advanced courses." He hands her the PADD. "I can take them on the ship, in the holodeck. They would not interfere with my schedule of work.", he explained, "And its something Ive wanted for a long time." "These are Marine courses.", Tempest said looking them over. "Yes, Maam, they are." Signar said, "Marine Piloting, tactics, and of course basic training." "You know the SCOPERTA is not a military ship.", she explained. "I know, its a science vessel, with its very name linked to the idea of discovery." Signar said, "But it also stands for a level of excellence. I feel I would better represent Star fleet, the SCOPERTA, and myself with this extended training. This would make me a better officer, and asset to you." "Youve been practicing that speech for a while.", she grinned. "Years." Signar said. "Why didnt you take this on Earth?", she asked. "I was rejected. My sponsorship was mainstream Star fleet. It would take a sponsor", Signar began. "Like a Captains recommendation.", she finished, "to get you in." "Yes, Captain, exactly.", Signar said. "Ill think about it and let you know later.", she replied. "Thank you captain, I couldnt ask for more.", Signar said, rose, and was dismissed.


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Ensign Signar DRuuk

/ Klingon + Vulcan Navigator + Pilot / USS SCOPERTA

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