USS Scoperta
Post 101

<<< N'Vek's Quarters>>>

N'Vek lays on his bed rustling under the blanket as he moans with sadness. "No! Father! " screamed the Romulan man. "=/\= Lt. N'Vek come in.=/\=" said a voice over the comm. N'Vek jumps up and slows his breathing. "Ya... Yes sir what is it?' said N'Vek. "You're duty shift started 15 minutes ago whats wrong." asked O'Brien. "A... I just over slept sir. It won't happen again." said N'Vek. " Make sure it doesn't. O'Brien out." said the XO. N'Vek walked to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. He wets a towl and wipes the sweat off his face. He closes his eyes, "Consontrate on blocking the emotion..... hmmm...." mumbled N'Vek as he tries to calm his emotions.

<< Engineering>>

N'Vek walks in slowly. Mr. Win walks up to him. "Hello sir, feeling well?" asked his assistent. " Ya... Yes fine Mr. Win. Just fine. NOw what are we working on?" responded N'Vek. " We were instaling the interspacial field generator once again, but with the proper modifications added." reported Morris Win. " Very good. I think you can handle it so you may complete this Mr. Win. Miss. Kaplan I want you to help Mr. Signar with the deflector." said N'Vek to his officers. "Aye sir." said Kaplan. Then N'Vek walks back out of engineering and into a turbo lift. "Deck 1, bridge." ordered N'Vek as the lift responds to his command.

<<< Bridge>>>
N'Vek walks on the bridge. He walks to O'Brien. " I'm awake. Sir." said N'Vek with an annoyed voice. O'Brien looks at his friend and lets the disrespect pass. " Good Lieutenant take your station." said O'Brien. " Yes sir." said N'Vek again with the aditude of annoyance. He takes his seat. O'Brien looks puzzled at his officer's reaction to his orders. He looks at Kavek who is also stunned at N'Vek response. O'Brien signals Kavek to the Captain's ready room. Kavek follows him to the room.

<< Ready Room>>

O'Brien sits at the desk while Kavek continues to stand. " Mr. Kavek how would you discribe Mr. N'Vek up until now?" asked O'Brien. " I think he is an excilent officer. Curdious, and loyal. He has qualities of a Vulcan." said Kavek. " But what we just saw on that bridge wasn't curtious was it." said O'Brien. " No it was disrespectful and punishable, but it was not in the character of Lt. N'Vek." answered Kavek. " I want you to talk to him since you're the closess thing to a Romulan on this ship." ordered O'Brien. " I will do that sir." said Kavek. " Your dismissed." said O'Brien. Kavek then left the room.


Lt jg. Kavek, CS/TO, Uss Scoperta


Lieutenant Junior Grade N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta