USS Scoperta
Post 102

Tempest kept going over and over in her mind the images she'd
had when she was unconscious. She remembered her last thought
before she smashed into the base of the rock cliff...She remembered
screaming for Roka, on the off chance that he might know that he was
her last thought. She remembered Roberto coming into her mind for a
brief second. ~that's right, he's on the ship~ She immediately
regretted the fact that she hadn't made a point to see him
yet...~I'm sorry~...

Her eyes fluttered briefly when someone arrived...she could hear
someone yelling...That voice...demanding to be part of her
surgery...Roka was out there...he was trying to get to her...she
struggled and fought to get up. Suddenly she was on the ship in the
Orion Protectorate. She thought she'd escaped...She heard their
voices, coming in at her again... Her mind drifted back to Roka.
He should have helped her by now. She could sense him. She knew he
needed her. Maybe she just needed him...but she knew he was close.

There was that voice again. calming her. Breaking her will to
fight. She latched onto that voice as she sunk again into

Hours later, which felt like years to Tempest, she woke. She could
move. She was in the sickbay on the Federation ship Scoperta. This
was such an exhausting relief to Tempest that she had a hard time
fighting back tears. She kept getting images of an ensign in her
mind. She should have known him from somewhere...he was soo familiar
to her. She caught the back of his leg as he exited. He obviously
didn't feel any familiarity towards her. She was going to have to
find out his name to thank him. She instinctively knew that he was
responsible for finding her and saving her, and again for calming

Tempest sat up. Immediately Malari rushed in and demanded that she
lay back down. "But, I'm fine..." she started.

"No, you aren't. You are paraly...." he stared at her realizing
that she was sitting up. He looked around and noticed that a
regerator, as well as that new insolent ensign was missing.

"Find that ensign" he barked the order.

Immediately someone left.

"Yes, I want to know his name, too. I want to thank him." She said,
her voice stronger than Dr. Malari expected.

"But..." he stammered.

"Well, whatever he did, don't be too hard on him" Tempest
suggested. "Anyway. I'm heading to my ready room"

"Tempest, I strongly advise..." Dr. Malari started

"I know. Really, but I do feel fine. How 'bout if I use a
hoverchair to get there, and not stand until tomorrow? There really
are some things that I need to in send a communique to Fleet
Admiral Copeland to get the status of DS-10 and to find out if we
are heading into a trap, if it is too late, etc"

"Captain, may I please finish a sentence here?" he reprimanded,
wondering if he should regret that when he saw her statement with
one eyebrow raised.

"Certainly, Dr. I do apologize" as she nodded her head slightly.

Dr Malari looked at her for a moment, realizing that he didn't
really have anything to say other than to either grant or deny her
request. As the request was reasonable, and there were some
pressing matters coming up, he wasn't able to find a reason to
refuse her. "Yes, that is satisfactory" he said, clearing his

Tempest smiled, thanked him and headed for her ready room where she
sat gazing out the window, sipping on some chamomile tea.

Signar came rushing in with a request for training. She took his
proposal and looked over it with interest.
Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta