USS Scoperta
Post 105

<< Bridge>>>

Kavek walks from the captain's office as the ship cronomitor shifts to the next duty shift. "Beta shift now on duty. Alpha shift dismissed." said O'Brien as he walks from the captain's office. "Mr. Kavek remember keep an eye on our friend while i'm on vacation, k" said O'Brien. Kavek nods. Then N'Vek gets up in a hurry. Kavek gets from his post and follows. Kavek follows N'Vek through the corridors slowly. Then N'Vek stops and braces himself upon the wall. He stops grabs his head then continues down the hallway. N'Vek stops again and braces himself upon the wall again. Kavek runs up to him now and lifts him. "Lieutenant are you ok." asked Kavek. N'Vek pushes Kavek away. " Let go. I don't need help from a superior officer." said N'Vek. " But I'm not a superior offficer N'Vek." answered Kavek. " Just go." said N'Vek as he turns around. "Arrrrgh!!!!" gasped N'Vek as he drops to the ground and holds his head. Kavek runs to him, "N'Vek! Listen calm down control your pain." said Kavek as he places his hands on N'Veks face. " What are you... doing." gasped N'Vek. " Preforming a mindmeld it will help your pain dissolve." explained Kavek. Kavek lets go and stands to his feet. "=/\= Kavek to Malari medical emergency.=/\=" said Kavek. " Right. I'll transport you to sick bay." said Malari over the comm. " And N'Vek." stated Kavek as they both dematerialize.

<< Sickbay>>

N'Vek and Kavek materialize in sickbay. " Doctor he is in some sort of psychic trama." said Kavek. Then Roka picks N'Vek up and places him on a med bed. " But N'Vek doesn't have psychic ablities." said Malari. " Do you remember in the wormhole how N'Vek had a neural genic field around him. I think I have awaken his ancestor's psychic abilities when I was taken over by that being. I remember preforming a mind meld on him." explained Kavek. Then Malari looks to N'Vek finding Zantor in psychic contact with the Romulan. " Ensign what do you think you are doing!!" gasped Malari. " He's growing psychic abilities, but its too much for his Romulan brain to handle. I see images of... of his father in some kind of accident. His brain is trying to keep itself functioning by making him have these dreams." said Zantor. " I will preform a mind meld and help him through this difficult journey." said Kavek as he walks over to N'Vek. " No... no way I don't won't your mind linked to his. You don't know the dangers.." warned Malari. " It is the only way." said Kavek.


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