USS Scoperta
Post 106


N"Vek lays on the med bed with a disstrested face. Kavek stands over him meditaing for his journey through N'Vek's mind. Dr. Malari walks up.

Malari: Here Lt. If you have to do this meld then atleast where a cortical scaner.*hands scaner to Kavek*

Kavek: *puts scanner on neck, behind ear* Yes ofcourse doctor.

Malari: Now explain to me what you will be actually doing in there.

Kavek: I will abserve N'Veks dreams. Then devise a the correct vulcan psychic remidy.

Zantor: If ya need me Kavek I'm here.

Kavek: Thank you for the offer but I must do this alone.

Zantor: Ok.

Kavek bends down and places his hands on N'Vek's face.

Kavek: My mind to your mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts.

<<< N'Vek's Dream/Scientific A Romulan Outpost>>>

N'Vek stands as a 10 year old boy in a laboratory. His siblings also with him. His father works on a console with 3 Tal Shiar security personnel standing bye. A large cylindar shaped object that looks like some sort of warp core stands next to him. 3 wires run from the core to a large metal object shaped like a box. A Tal Shiar officer walks in to the room.

Tal Shiar1:(NPC) Darik when is this new cloak going to be finished!

Darik(n'vek's dad): (NPC) I told you it will take time.

Tal Shiar1: We've given you all the time you need. You have 2 days.

Darik: Yes sir.*walks back to console* Kids you better go to the docking port your mother's ship will be here soon. Tell her I'll be working late again.

N'Vek: Yes father. Come on guys.*walks from room with siblings*

Darik rushes through his work.

<<< N'Vek's familys room>>>

N'Vek and his siblings are doing their school work while their mom is reading a mission report. Just then alarms go off. Dalara(mom) runs from the room into the hallway. She bumps into an officer.

Dalara: What is happening?

Officer: An explosion in the science lab.....

<<< Sickbay, USS Scoperta>>>

Kavek jumps up from N'Vek and breaks the link. Malari rushes over with a tricorder. He begins to scan Kavek's brain functions..

Kavek: I'm.... I'm ok. Intence emotion. I couldn't handle it. Saddness and hate all at once.

Malari: Your heart rate is very high,but other then that you're fine. But I don't suggest doing that again. It could have neuralogical effects.

Kavek: I only need a little bit more to prescribe a vulcan method to stop his pain. I think his brain is trying to cope with the psychic changes that is happening within him. So it is trying to keep N'Vek sain by feeding him memories.

Zantor: That sounds reasonable enough.

Kavek: I must go back in.

Malari: hmmm... fine, but only for 5 minutes any more and I'm pulling you out myself.

Kavek: Yes sir.*starts the meld again*

<<< N'Vek's dream, Romulan Science vessel>>>

N'Vek now grown up sits in the command chair of a romulan science vessel.

Ops officer: Sir a transmission from the Tal Shiar priority 1.

N'Vek: In my office.* gets up and enters office*

<<< Office>>>

N'Vek sits down at his desk and the transmission pops on the screen infront of him.

Tal Shair: Commander N'Vek how has your first command been. What has it been a year.

N'Vek: No sir only 6 months.

Tal Shiar: Right. I have a mission for your ship. I know you're only a science vessel, but we need you to go to these corrdinents. Now.

N'Vek: May I ask why?

Tal Shiar: No. You'll get further orders when you arrive.

N'Vek: Yes sir.=/\= Helm take us to these corrdinents maximum velocities. Now.=/\=

<<< 3 mins>>>

N'Vek: We have arrived sir.

Tal Shiar: Good now destroy that small Vulcan scout vessel. Leave nothing behind for the federation to scan.

N'Vek: Why it is cripled. It has not endangered anything of the empire. It's no threat.

Tal Shiar: Do not talk back to the Tal Shiar. We have a theory that it has been sent to spy on the manufactoring of our newest cloaking technology. You of all people should want to protect you dead father's work. Now destroy it.

N'Vek again remembers the death of his father and again remembers who's faught it was. He begins to become angry.

N'Vek: No!

Tal Shiar: What.

N'Vek: No sir I will not let the Tal Shiar take anymore lives.

He ends the transmission.

<<< Sickbay, Scoperta>>>

Kavek wakes up, but this time more calmly.

Malari: So whats the proper cure to easy down the psychic growth.

Kavek: In his dream he is suffering from his loss of his father. I wil try a emotional scar healing meld. Vulcans use this when a strong emotion is felt and cannot be stopped. Then he should meditate with my guidence from now on.

Malari: Is that all.

Kavek: Yes sir. He should be a bit better by tomorrow. Although the psychic growth will not be stop it will be slowed enough for his brain to catch up.


Lt. N'Vek


USS Scoperta