USS Scoperta
Post 107

Tempest Watched from the bridge as they came closer to the end of
the wormhole. She watched in awe the progress Signar was making. He
was deftly maneuvering the controls fixing the navigational array,
just a small side effect of the effort he'd made earlier to keep the
ship from going into warp in the wormhole. He had been working with
N'Vek until he'd had his 'episode'.

She got reports as often as Dr. Malari could spare a moment on
N'Vek's situation. Kavek was proving to be invaluable.

O'Brien was taking a few days off, until they got to DS-10. He'd
covered for Tempest quite a bit while she was adjusting to her new

Tempest tapped some lines into her personal logs, while on the
bridge, conversation being minimal while everyone was taking care of
their departments.

Tempest stood, stretched, handed the bridge over to O'Kay. "I'm
going to head back to my quarters for a bit. Glad to have you here,
Mr. Okay" Tempest said with a half smile as she went into the turbo
lift. Tempest walked with her head down toward her rooms. She
vaguely noticed someone passing her, stopping to salute. She gave a
half hearted wave of her hand and nod of her head, not paying
attention to anything but thoughts of the man who'd infiltrated her
entire being, and trying to figure out why that medic reminded her
of him. Probably just the same color eyes. She should know about
those eyes...she'd spent the best part of her life gazing into
them...Even facing death, when he was reaching his hand to her, it
was his eyes that always pulled her out.

She felt his presence all around her all of a sudden. She approched
her door, and was drawn back the way she'd come, like the strongest
pull from a very powerful magnet. She felt weaker by the second,
with every step she took. Everything seemed to go in slow motion
for a moment as she turned to look down the corridor she'd just come
down. She caught a parting glimpse of him. He'd entered the lift
and turned, the doors were closing when her eyes made contact with
his. She stumbled backwards as her mind reeled, falling into
someone studying a PADD as he was rushing from one area of the ship
to another. The PADD fell to the floor as an arm slipped around her

"Careful there, Cap" he said, recognizing her immediately. "I have
gals falling for me all the time, but this is kind of an extreme
case..." he said flashing that charming smile of his.

"Oh! Mr. D'Ruuk! Pardon me..I.." Tempest stammered, picking up the

He laughed, and made sure she was stable on her feet. Tempest
turned and entered her quarters not saying anything else. Signar
shook his head. As much as he loved the females of every species,
he could still not categorize them and understand...He stood at
Tempests door, waiting. Seconds later, the door opened with a
swoosh, Tempest stood, handing his PADD back to him.
Tempest fell back on her bed seeing nothing but his eyes...
Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta