USS Scoperta
Post 108

<<< Kavek's Quarters>>>

Kavek sets up the vulcan candle. and lays down a mat. He stands as the door rings.

Kavek: Come in N'Vek

N'Vek: Hello Kavek. Thank you for using your off time to help me.

Kavek: It is no problem Mr. N'Vek. Now sit.

N'Vek: On the floor?

Kavek: Yes.

N'Vek sits down on the floor. Kavek sits also.

Kavek: Now lets begin. Does your head hurt N'Vek?

N'Vek: Yes.

Kavek: Try and block the pain and focus on my voice.

N'Vek:*eyes closed* Ok.

Kavek:*braces hands upon N'Veks face* My mind to your mind your mind to my mind.


Lt. N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta