USS Scoperta
Post 109

Admiral Copeland was finally on the bridge after he had to blast his way form sickbay to the bridge of Deep Space 10.

It happened a couple of days ago.

A convention was held on DS10. Large numbers of ambassadors and other federation and Delta Quadrant high placed officers attended DS10 to make a decission whether some delta quadrant races could join the federation of planets.

After a vote, which resulted in approval of the delta-races joining the federation the Cardassians started a war and made a pact with the Borg. The Cardassians wouldn't allow the Delta races into the federation.

Now DS10 is under attack of a large Cardassian fleet and Borg ships.

"Admiral we are getting reports from ships near cardassia that their whole fleet is mobilizing!" and young ensign told Copeland

"It seems they taking this seriously and really want to start a war."

"Ensign open a channel to our whole fleet"

"Yes sir!"

"This is Fleet Admiral Copeland, we are under attack of a cardassian fleet and Borg vessels, your assistence is required! Return to the Alpha Quadrant A.S.A.P"

Then Commodore Jackson entered the Bridge "We need assistence it all getting out of hands, the only real good news is that the Thor just destroyed a borg vessel".

Copeland:" i just ordered the whole fleet to return and help us out, i hope they will be on time ........

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Fleet Admiral Copeland