USS Scoperta
Post 111

(( USS SCOPERTA - Bridge )) IN: The energy signatures collecting around the SCOPERTA were bothering Signar. He was working with science to bleed them off, but it wasnt working. Flying at warp in a worm hole always resulted in interesting results, but these were looking dangerous. Shortly after the captain left, Signar requested permission to visit a scientist on board. He traveled via turbolift to one of the crew levels, and walked with his PADD in front of his face. (( Insert Captains Post Here )) After arriving at the Doctors quarters, he was given some good advice and he returned to the bridge. Still working with science they simulated the three most likely results of their leaving the wormhole. 1. A never ending loop of leaving the wormhole, only to do it again and again, and never realize it. (( Kinda like what we are doing )) 2. An explosion that rips apart the opening of the wormhole and makes it unstable forevermore. 3. Nothing. Signar liked the idea of the third option, everyone did, and they worked hard to make it a reality. He began by dispersing the charged particles floating around the ship with the transporters of all things! Skewing the re-initialization ratios he was able to dissipate most of the energy, into harmless quarks! "Approaching the exit." Signar said. The visual on the viewscreen was glorious as purple and crimson swirls gave way to the ebony view of space. Stars showed up a pin-pricks, and the familiar view of space gave comfort to all now that they were again in it. "Maximum speed to DS10." Came the order. "Aye, Maximum warp." Signar replied, and they left the wormhole. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire.", Signar said. "What was that ensign?", he was asked. "Just an earth expression that seemed fitting, never-mind sir." Signar replied. He made sure the worm-hole was stable, it was, and they were on the most efficient path, they were.


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 Ensign Signar DRuuk / Klingon + Vulcan Navigator + Pilot / USS SCOPERTA

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