USS Scoperta
Post 112

(( USS SCOPERTA - Bridge )) IN: "DS10 will should be on our scanners in minutes.", Signar reported. "Keep me updated.", the XO replied. Indeed it was only three point one four minutes and signals did appear on the main displays. "Sir, Im getting varied signatures. Weapons fire, Cardassian, Federation," He paused a moment, "Borg." "Red Alert.", the XO ordered. The lights all flashed to red, and the loud alert sounded for a while. "Are we going as fast as possible?", the XO asked. "Yes sir," Signar acknowledged. The SCOPERTA was a science vessel, not a warship with over sized engines and yet Signar had a voice in the back of his head yelling at him he was missing something important. Then it dawned on him! "But!" Signar said, "If Borg are there, they likely have a transwarp conduit leading to the fray." "Can you navigate one of those?", the XO asked. "I have in simulators. Its not the hard part. The hard part is getting it open. It takes a strong science team to calculate the right particle spread.", Signar almost with a smile. Science teams they had! "Ill get them working on it. Do what you need to do to prepare the ship for entry into the conduit.", he ordered. "Aye sir.", Signar replied and did just that.


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