USS Scoperta
Post 113


N'Vek and his team run around preparing the ship to enter the borg's transwarp conduit.

N'Vek: Our hull can't take the pressure of the velocities we'll be traveling at.WE have to reinforce them by 100%.

Win: Sir will our bodies be able to take the pressure.

N'Vek: Yes the enorsule dampeners will have to be recalibrated. Kaplin get a team working on the dampeners. Corndinate with Dr. Malari if needed to find the right setting. Mr. Win you're with me. We have to some how raise the efficiencey of our hull and shields.

N'Vek and Win run over to the center Master Systems Directery display screen.

Win: Maybe if we get the shields to 200% we can handle the stress.

N'Vek: No that won't work. Matbe if we polerize the hull to the inverse gravitaional pressure of the conduit it might make a sort of bubble around us that will protect us from the stress.

Win: But the stress are far to strong to be blocked by our shields. We don't have that kind of power. But if we polerize the shields to the inveres of our hull that would make a bubble around us separating us from the conduits pressure.

N'Vek: Yes... yes I think....*holds head*

Win: What is it?

N'Vek: My head aces with the stress it is harder to control the growth of the psychic power. But I'll be fine for now. Back to what I was saying. I think your plan will work Mr. Win.

Win: You mean our plan.

N'Vek: =/\= Bridge this is Lieutenant N'Vek. =/\=

Satarius:=/\= This is the Captain. Yes N'Vek.=/\=

N'Vek: =/\=We'll be ready in a few minutes Captain.=/\=

Satarius: =/\=Good. Now we just need a report from science. Satarius out.=/\=

N'Vek: Come on lets get started.

Win and N'Vek begin working on the remoduations.


Lt. N'Vek


USS Scoperta